What We See of Others Is Often An Illusion


We’ve all heard the expression ‘What you see is what you get.’  Well, this is not always true.  One of the most aggravating things about having MS is hearing people say “you don’t look sick.”  As if there is some particular way those living with MS should appear.  I guess I missed the memo.


What we see of others is often an illusion.  For some the illusion is self-created to block others out.  For others the illusion is created out of necessity to survive day-to-day.  Regardless of the circumstances it is not always easy to know what is going on with someone internally.  I can say that I am guilty of being quick to make judgements even though I work so hard to fight it.  For some reason it is so easy to assume the person who just changed lanes on me is an idiot.  The truth is I have no idea what that person might be going through.  Maybe they just received terrible news and are on the way to see a loved one in the hospital?  Or they might be exhausted from working 3 jobs as a single parent to provide for their family?

The illusion that I create is my body doesn’t hurt and I am okay.  I don’t complain much about the daily pain that comes with Multiple Sclerosis.  I don’t see the benefit of being that person who looks for sympathy.  The truth is that even if someone took the time to listen, they really only care for a moment and then move on to their own problems; this is the reality of life.

It is only when I take a deep breathe and step back that I remind myself to be more aware of what others might be going through.  A smile instead of a scowl could be the difference between someone pulling a trigger and someone seeking help.  Don’t depreciate your value to the world around you.

Take time to pause before reacting and consider the other side of the equation.  When you do you’ll see that we all need to be slower to judge and quicker to sympathize.

Why You Should Never, Ever Settle For Less


1903photo-small.jpgAs I walked Bentley the other night I saw a lot of airplanes in the sky and I thought to myself how busy the airport must be on a Friday night. That got me to thinking about how far air travel has come in the last 40 years and the fact that the early flight visionaries were told air travel would never become common place. After all it is simply not practical. Ford was told he would never invent the 8 cylinder engine. Some said we would never travel to space.

We are surrounded by things which are common, everyday occurrences to us that at some time in the past were considered inconceivable. They are proof to me that I can expect more from myself and I can expect more for my life than others expect for themselves. Jobs was told he was foolish to invest so much into a mobile phone, after all, “who’s gonna carry a phone with them every where they go?”

 “No one is gonna drink bottled water when you can get it free from the tap.”

“Who in their right mind is gonna drive to swamp land in the middle of Florida to ride carnival rides?”

Visionaries see things differently. They don’t see the obstacles and they don’t listen to the naysayers. They dream big dreams and live big lives free of the finiteness of the human mind. They see a different reality and they believe in that reality before they can actually touch and feel it.  They are proof that you should never, ever settle for less.

I choose to give my energy to the reality I design for myself. I choose to stick to my vision of what I want not based on the limited vision of others and their expectations of me.

Why settle for less-than when you can set your eyes on achieving greatness?

Why Is It So Hard to Make Dreams Come True?


I am not surprised at the number of people who never live the life they want to live; or at least live the life they fantasize about in their mind.  There’s a lot that goes into making a mental image become something tangible.  Someone once said that making dreams come true isn’t easy or cheap which is why Disney is so darn expensive!  And although it is a joke, making a dream become something real is not easy and definitely not cheap.

Magic Kingdom, Disneyworld, Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA

Credit: Magic Kingdom, Disneyworld, Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA

If you don’t believe the words I have just typed, then take your own time and conduct interviews of people you know.  Begin with a few people you know who have dedicated themselves and lost a lot of weight.  Then interview small business owners.  Then interview a local city council member.  Then interview your boss.  If you speak to these people and ask them to tell you their story some common themes will quickly develop.

“It took a lot of work.”

“There were a lot of setbacks and challenges.”

“There were times when I wanted to give up, but I didn’t.”

“My family had to make a lot of sacrifices to help me reach my goals.”

“There were times when I was scared.”

What separates those who take action and reach goals from those who do not?  Why are there haves and have-nots?   Why do some people talk about hitting the lottery while others go out and dig their “lottery” out of the dirt?  I really don’t know if there is an exact answer, but I think I have a clue-unquenchable desire.

Ultra-successful people tend to be incredibly self-aware.  They tend to listen more than they speak.  They exercise and eat the right types of quality foods.  They do what they say they will do.  They are honest with themselves.  They set goals.  They refuse to fail.

The awesome thing is these attributes can all be developed, but only a select few embrace them.  Which side of the equation do you fall?  The under-achiever or the over-achiever?  I think I’m somewhere in the better than average group, but building my rocket ship each day!

Why You Should Never Ever Listen to Naysayers


Do you believe anything you have desire for can come to fruition in your life?  I ask this because I know there are millions of people who do not believe this principle.  I have said over and over that if you can believe it in your soul, envision it in your mind, then you can make your desire a tangible thing in the real world.  The issue is many don’t have true desire and most don’t have the mental fortitude to see things through to the end.

I want to share an impossible story with you I found on USA Today which demonstrates why you should never ever listen to naysayers:

Image result for joe thomas sr

credit: Fox Sports


Joe Thomas Sr, 55, became the oldest Division I football player to take the field when he took a hand-off and ran for three yards on Saturday afternoon.

Joe Thomas Sr. made college football history by appearing as a running back for South Carolina State.

Thomas at the age of 55 is believed to be the oldest player to participate in a Division I football game. The father of Green Bay Packers linebacker Joe Thomas Jr.,  practiced with the team with his son and then stayed on the past two seasons with the hope of find his way into a game.

His dream was realized in the first quarter on senior day against Savannah State when he carried for three yards.

Do you think Thomas Sr. had people in his life, in his own family, telling him this was a crazy idea?  Of course he did, but he listened to himself and ignored those who told him his dream was “impossible.”  You should stop listening to naysayers as well; they are holding you back.

Don’t tell me dreams can’t come true.


MWWC #29: My Winestory

Introducing Epicurious Texan!!

The Epicurious Texan

In this month’s wine writing challenge, John of Pairs With: Life challenged us to tell our Winestory, aka what lead us down the path of awesomeness that is wine writing.  Technically, I just dabble in the wine writing while drinking a lot, but here goes:

wine stain

Picture it: Fredericksburg, Texas 1994.  I was home from college for Thanksgiving break and a job opportunity presented itself.  My cousin had been offered a job at a local wine tasting room and declined because she was working at a winery (Grape Creek Vineyards) at the time.  She told me to go apply.  Having fell in love with red wine from the Riojas just the year before (read all about it here!), I marched (okay, drove….around the block 4 times looking for a parking spot) down to said wine tasting room and asked about the job.  My interview went something like this:  have you…

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#Blessed Project

Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride has begun a project I love called #Blessed Project.  It is a simple idea, but one I think we should all practice more often.  Here is my #blessed list:


  1. I am blessed to have a wife that puts my needs above her own.
  2. I am blessed to have the love of our little puppy Bentley.
  3. I am blessed to have shelter, food and a car.
  4. I am blessed to have a loving family that supports me.
  5. I am blessed to be able to spend time with my blog family here on WordPress.
  6. It is a blessing to have technology.
  7. I feel blessed to have had my eyes opened to the importance of taking care of my body.  MS might be my greatest blessing.  3950078_1429260939_0243_updates

I encourage you to participate.  Click Susie’s link above and visit her site for the “rules” of the project.  I think it is important to not allow think about the things you are blessed to have in your life, but to also take the time to write them down.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays!FullSizeRender



Let Me Ask You A Question – 12/6/16


Let me ask you a question:

What is the best Christmas gift you could receive this year?  Why?

The Archives Of My Mind

  I wish there was a means by which I could document the archives of my mind.  I am always pondering the bits and pieces, snapshots, and fragments of…

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How to Network Your Blog: 12/6/16

blog_01Here’s how to network your blog. The work is done for you, all you have to do is LIKE, COMMENT and FOLLOW others.  The more you network with other blogs, the more other blogs will network with you!

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Fall Glam Makeup Tutorial

Introducing One More Shot Please!!


Hey everyone! It’s been a while since my last YouTube video but here it is. A Fall Glam makeup look perfect for parties. Make sure to give it a thumbs up, subscribe, and share!

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It’s Not Worth It…

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credit: see signature

Life = Risk

Discover Your Purpose

This is Two Are Better Than One!!

Two Are Better Than One

Good morning, friends! I spent last evening in reflection. The day began with an answered prayer — encouragement to continue doing what I’m doing with this blog. As I grow stronger in my faith, it’s because God is drawing me closer to him. In every struggle, I feel him there with me urging me to press on. In every triumph over the enemy, I feel his warm embrace.

That answered prayer yesterday led to a message about one’s purpose at my church. My devotional this morning was all about finding out why you were born. To paraphrase, the author said that two of the best days of one’s life is the day you are born and the day you discover why you were born. I must agree with that author. Once you have that little bit of intel, you simply cannot continue running wild. Many are still running…

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