The Hidden Pain of One Man’s Talent



The Hidden Pain of One Man’s Talent

Many years ago I knew a man who had an incredible talent.  He knew the words to almost every song that ever came on the radio, especially 80’s music.  And it didn’t matter the genre!  Rap, pop, country, rock.  He could sing the words as if he wrote the songs.

One day we were having lunch and I was explaining to him how I admired his talent for remembering so many lyrics to so many songs.  When I asked him how he knew so many he began to talk to me about his childhood and I quickly realized there was a lot of pain behind his talent.

Come to find out the reason he knew so many songs was because the radio was his only friend growing up.  When other kids were outside playing he wasn’t, he was listening to the radio.  He didn’t have friends and got picked on a lot so he learned to avoid people and listen to songs.  I guess in a way music became his escape.

I had forgotten about this guy until this past week when for some reason his story popped in my mind.

There are times when we look at someone and we envy some aspect of their life.  We admire talents from the outside, but we often forget about the sacrifice behind the talent.  Sometimes talents are the facade covering up pain.  And it isn’t until we have a deeper look that we realize we should be slow to envy.

I have had coworkers say they wished they were as organized as I am, but I wouldn’t wish my curse on anyone.  My obsessive compulsion creates more stress inside my body than I would wish on my enemy.

I think the best practice is to be the best version of ourselves that we can be and keep our envy at a minimum.

Just a quick thought for a Monday.


There’s Way Too Much Average in the World



There’s Way Too Much Average In the World…

I see it every day.  People going about their business, waking up, making the donuts, going home and doing it all over again the next morning.  Many people move through life like a zombie not expecting much more of themselves than doing what is required to make it through each day.  I don’t think like that.  I don’t allow myself to accept the status quo and I challenge you to think the same.

Life wants to beat you into submission and most often it occurs through the words of others.  People will try to convince you that your goals are not “realistic” or “practical”.  When kids are young they say they want to be an astronaut or President and most people will tell them, parents included, that they should aim a little lower because there aren’t a lot of astronauts or only one person can be President.  Kids then grow up seeing other people working normal jobs and they decide they will become an accountant instead of an astronaut.

We learn so much by watching the world around us and sometimes this is a bad thing.  We learn to take the safe route.  We learn that dream living is only for kids, not for adults.  Banking is realistic.  Accounting is realistic.  Mid-level management is realistic.  Being an astronaut, not so much.   Being the CEO of the bank is not realistic.  Becoming the President of the United States is not realistic.

We learn to think average and to expect average.  But what if we changed the way we think and changed what it is that we expect from life?

Last night I voiced a new dream I have with Evelina and we agreed that we wanted it.  So now we (I) are revolutionizing our thinking and our mental preparation to achieve our new lofty financial goals so that this new dream comes true.  If I told most people what this dream is they would poo poo it so I am not telling anyone except my wife and it will stay that way.

Don’t let other people put their limitations on you.  Don’t accept limits.  Don’t accept average thinking.  Dream big.  Plan big.  Prepare big.  And be ready to work hard to make your dreams come true.  When someone tells you it cannot be done, then dig in even harder.

Hope you have a great Wednesday friends.


Triumph Results From A Lot of Lackluster Decisions



Triumph Results From A Lot of Lackluster Decisions…

I work with sales reps every day.  My job is to help them get better at what they do so they can make more money while generating more revenue for their property.  A common misconception on their part is that I’m going to arrive in town with a bag full of magic tricks and those tricks are going to instantly transform them and their numbers.  The truth is quite the opposite.

My solution for them centers around the idea of making a lot of normal, boring decisions to be better.  Typically they need to practice better organizational skills.  Typically they need to restructure their thought processes.  And most need to practice their skill set to get better.

I liken the improvement process to that of someone who decides to lose weight.  From the first day, the weight loss candidate is faced with a series of small, daily decisions.  Google calls these moments ‘micro moments’ and they are defined as crucial points in a customers journey to finding the right business to meet their needs.  As it relates to weight loss, these micro moments occur every time someone has a food decision.  Each time someone makes a better food choice they win and move closer to their goal by losing a couple of pounds.  Over time these small weight loss amounts add up to a greater total and before they realize they have lost a lot of weight.

Being triumphant happens exactly like weight loss.  Each day you make decisions to be a little better and these small daily decisions add up over a long period of time to equate to getting better.  The longer you make better decisions the better you will be.

This is why I admire people who are exceptional at something because I can appreciate the dedication it takes over a long period of time to be good at anything.

So the next time you make the decision to eat vegetables instead of fast food, you win.  When you decide to be a little more organized, you win.  Each time you work a little harder, you win.  Let these small decisions add up to something positive.

Hope you have a great Tuesday!


**The opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone and do not represent the opinions of my employer or its subsidiaries.

I Have Eliminated One of My Favorite Foods



I Have Eliminated One of My Favorite Foods

I have been kicking the idea around for a couple of years now, but just never took the plunge until this past week.  And I didn’t make a major declaration in my soul to stop eating this food I just decided at one meal to make a wiser decision.  Last week I stopped eating meat and have opted for vegetables.

I was out-of-town and decided to order a vegetable plate instead of baked chicken.  That decision led me to do the same the next day and then the next.  It has now been nearly a week and all I am eating are veggies.  I’ve also decided to greatly reduce pasta and bread.

Don’t worry I’m not going to get obnoxious about it.  With the MS and UC issues I think this will give my body the best opportunity to function at a high level and fight both diseases.  Also I believe eating more vegetables will make me healthier and allow my weight to level out a bit.

It isn’t easy to eat this way because not all restaurants serve vegetables.  If you’ve ever noticed many restaurants serve rice, potatoes and maybe a green, but not much.  And for those who might not realize, potatoes are not a veggie.  Evelina and I ate at a restaurant last night that didn’t have one vegetable on the menu.

At any rate, I’ll see how this makes my body feel in a month or so and re-evaluate.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


I Can’t Make You Want It…



I Can’t Make You Want It…

I had one single goal when I started blogging and that was to pass along some of the things that I did to turn my life around.  Prior to November 2014 I considered myself an underachiever.  I would wake up each day and whatever happened, happened.  For the most part life happened to me, not the other way around.  But then I underwent a transformation.  I spent a year completely redesigning my habits and my thoughts to change careers and find more success.  I restructured my thoughts so that I happened to life, not the inverse.  I stopped drinking alcohol, stopped watching television, started watching what foods I ate, started reading books to help me expand my mind, and most importantly, started making my bed each morning first thing.

All of my habit changes changed the way I looked at the world, but it also changed how I saw myself in the world.  I began to envision the result I wanted to achieve.  I began seeing myself in a successful position and eventually a new career opportunity presented itself and I scooped it up.

The key was I made up my mind that I would change.  But I can’t make others want to change the way they see themselves in the world.  I believe you can create your own ending, that you can write the script you want.  Then combine that with preparation and hard work and you can transform your life into what you desire.  The catch is you have to believe it, I can’t believe it for you.  I learned this principle from the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

I consider myself fortunate that my eyes were opened to this fact and I want so badly for others to realize it also.  But it is not up to me and I cannot make people rethink their existence.  Each person has to live their own life and all I can do is talk about my experience and hope that one other person experiences the awakening I experienced.

And for that reason I type each morning hoping that my story might help someone in some small way.

As Bob Wiley said “Baby steps onto the elevator.”

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Why Is It That Hard Work Makes Me Luckier?



Why Is It That Hard Work Makes Me Luckier?

There are a lot of people in the world who believe life just happens and you have to take what you get.  I have never, ever bought into this thought pattern.  Instead I have dedicated myself to executing a strong work ethic combined with continually trying to learn and be the best at my craft.  I used this mentality to grow my blog to almost 50,000 followers.  I used this mentality to become one of the top producers in my company.

I have noticed that the harder I work, the luckier it seems I get.

Many things in life are going to happen that are completely out of my control, but there are many things of which I am in full control.  I wake up every morning between 5-5:30 am and begin my day.  I walk each day to get exercise.  I use a to-do list to keep my day on track.  I plan my work.  I (try to) make better food decisions.  I dress for success.  I maintain good posture throughout the day to convey confidence.  I watch my mannerisms and language.  And all of these things point me in the direction of reaching my goals.

Some would say there is luck involved with success and to some degree I agree.  You have to meet the right people and you have to be in the right place at the right time.  These things are true.

But I believe luck is when preparation meets opportunity.  People miss opportunities every single day because they are not prepared to seize the moment.  My goal is to be prepared and I work hard to make sure I am.

The truth is I might be lucky, but luck didn’t create my blog page.  Luck was not involved in the hours upon hours of time I invested in learning about the online digital world of advertising.  Luck wasn’t involved in the long hours I committed to learning and honing my marketing and sales call skills.  These things took dedication, commitment and a lot of hard work.

When I was a golf pro I would have other golfers comment that they wished they could take time off and still break 80.  They were infatuated with the idea of being able to so “easily” shoot low scores.  To them they only saw the end result-low scores.  What they didn’t see were the countless hours on the range, sweating in the summer sun.  They didn’t see the hours of time I spent at home swinging a club in front of a mirror.  They didn’t see the hours of practice on the course.  And I committed myself to these practices for years and years.

It is easy to see the end result and attribute someones success to “luck”.

I still say luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Have a great Tuesday!


Is It Possible To Be Ultra-Successful and Have Balance?



Is It Possible To Be Ultra-Successful and Have Balance?

Have you read or heard people talking about having work-life balance?  I have and I’m not sure I buy the concept.  In my experience it is the proverbial situation in which you can’t eat your cake and have it too.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I haven’t witnessed a lot of ultra-successful people who have a lot of balance; professional athletes come to mind.

We make sacrifices every day we get up and go to work.  We decide that paying bills and providing for our family is worth leaving them for 8-10 hours.  We give up that time in order to get ahead.

But when I look at CEOs, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, etc. I don’t see a lot of balance.  I see a group of people that work hard to achieve their goals and sacrifice a lot of personal time in order to do so.  Typical entrepreneurs are not taking 3-4 vacations per year, but they are working a lot of nights and weekends totaling 70 hour weeks.

I wonder if the sacrifice is worth it.  At the end of life I have to believe that they wish they had spent more family time.  Or maybe I’m wrong, maybe they do not regret all of the personal time sacrifices.

I don’t know.

The one thing I do know is that if anyone wants to achieve a goal, tremendous sacrifice will be required.


A Really Quick and Easy Recipe Using Quinoa


Evelina made a dish the other night using quinoa that was fairly simple and tasted great!  She added mixed vegetables, black beans, raw spinach, raw kale and soy sauce to some quinoa and cooked it up like fried rice in a pan.

It tasted very good and was incredibly healthy.  No measuring necessary, just add to your liking.  The tricky part was learning how to cook quinoa the proper way.


Adopting A Child(looking for advice) – Renew or redo

Thank you for visiting ,, I am interested in an adoption of a child.Looking for any advice from anyone who is or has gone their the process . As stated in a previous blog I have never had children …

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The O.C.D. : “Obsessive Compulsive Dad”



Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – is a condition wherein a person experiences anxiety that gives him/her feelings, thoughts, sensations (obsessions) and makes the person commit certain actions repetitively.

Do you know that God is diagnosed with this?

You think it’s a crazy idea? Do you think that this condition is not normal? Well…not really… only …supernatural!

On one Sunday sermon, the speaker described God as a “crazy God”…an “obsessed God”, others laughed. Why? Sounds like a crazy idea? It is not, it is a fact. In fact, it is the truth! Who else like GOD, the Creator, the Father? Who else can do what He has done?

He created us into His likeness to be His children. You and me are His creations. This gives GOD the full right of ownership over those He created. He owns us…but not only once when he made us. He owned us twice!


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New Achievement and Update!

The Struggle

The Struggle has reached over 500 subscribers on youtube. That’s not including all you wonderful supporters on wordpress. It’s been a hot and long summer and recently I’ve been working on upgrading my main site subjectsmatter.

Meaning, there has been little time for recording. But that’s not saying that there isn’t more footage waiting in the cut. So expect more content soon with more stabilized shooting this time around and a new channel to be added to this feed called griddlockedtv.

Love you guys and hope your summer has been awesome so far!

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Faithful to Nature Haul


Hi beautiful people

How are you doing?

I am feeling good. The only thing I feel bad about is the fact that I’ve been spending less time on my blog. But I’m working on some great content. Please bear with me. And as mentioned on my previous blog, my day job is keeping me busy as well. I know you guys understand, you’re the best. That is enough about me. Let’s get to the haul.


This was my first buy on Faithful-to-Nature. Faithful-to-Nature is an online health shop. I’ve placed my order on Thursday 06/09/2018, and the package was delivered on Monday 10/09/2018. I am very impressed so far. Check it out, it is affordable and a wide variety of products are available. When you register for an account you’ll get R100 off your first order when you spend R350 or more.

Below are the products that I’ve purchased…

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