Is Your Track Record Reflecting Your Efforts?



Are you really giving life your 100% best effort?  I mean really, really, really trying?  Or do you pay lip service to working hard while you know in the back of your head there is more you could be doing?   Are you busy or are you productive?  If you have 30 extra hours each week to work toward your dreams are you utilizing that time?  If you only have 5 hours per week to work toward your dream…or maybe only 3 hours…

These are all questions I ask myself each Monday morning as I prepare for my week.  In sales I have to keep myself disciplined and motivated.  My money relies on my hard work and devotion to my sales plan.  If I don’t do the work each day then my track record will reflect my efforts.

Is your track record reflecting your efforts?

There will always be circumstances beyond your control, but at some point you must stop and realize that not all circumstances are out of your control.  A vast majority of what you get from life results directly from what you put in.

Low effort, lazy effort, minimal effort, lackadaisical effort = weak results


The Danger of “Friday” Mentality (and Why It Robs You of Time)



One of the things I have noticed working for a large company is that many of the employees-present company included-live for Friday.  It is as if each employee has a built-in timer which informs each one exactly how many minutes remain until Wednesday…then Thursday….and finally FRIDAY!

I am aware of  the dangers of “Friday” mentality and why it robs you of time so I am careful to not allow this mentality to consume me and I’ll tell you why.  I have learned that living life looking forward robs you of years of your life and this fact reveals itself when I look back on my retail career.  In retail it was a season-to-season approach; we were always preparing for back-to-school, then Black Friday, then Christmas, then inventory, then springtime, then back-to-school, etc.  The cycle was never-ending and before anyone could realize 3 years of life had passed by and we all stood in shock.

You see when you spend your days focused on some point in the future you fail to appreciate each day.  You miss out on how blue the sky is each day.  You miss out on how beautiful chirping birds can be.  You miss out on your mate talking too much.  You miss the sunsets and sunrises.  The fact is you simply miss…everything.

Here is my plea: stop living for tomorrow and begin taking a few individual moments each day and pause.  Take a look around you, take a deep breath, exhale, open your eyes and see the world.  Time will pass on its own and it will naturally feel as if it passes too quickly.  Be cognizant to fight the passing of time at every turn by paying attention to the “right now” moments.

Just a thought for a Friday.

Retrospect Is A Powerful Tool



One month before I was offered the job at the newspaper I interviewed for a job in outside sales with a furniture company.  I was so excited at the possibility of working for that company and worked hard through the interview process.  In my mind I was already spending the paychecks!  And…I didn’t get the job.

I was terribly disappointed to say the least.  It seemed like the perfect situation for me, but little did I know at the time that the actual perfect job was right around the corner.  It is difficult to know how life is going to work out, yet easy to get twisted into knots when the twists and turns don’t bend in our favor.  At these times we must use wisdom to understand that the flow of the river will take us where we will end up and our job is to swim with the current not always fight against it.

Sometimes that which we perceive to be a negative is, in actuality, the greatest positive that could happen.   Retrospect is a powerful tool if we use it.

13 Simple Blogging Tips



Here are a few tips I offer to some of my fellow bloggers. Most of these I list because I have noticed numerous issues during my morning reading.

Here are my 13 simple blogging tips:

  1. Use spell check and proofread your writing before hitting send.  I forget about this one sometimes and allow simple errors to publish.
  2. Keep posts to between 400-1200 words max if you post often.  If you post less frequently, then aim for 2,000 words or so.  I know Google gives more validity to posts that are longer, but your readers will get tired of reading extremely long, frequent posts.  That is unless they are incredibly helpful or super interesting.
  3. Post consistently throughout the day: 5 posts per day is my target.
  4. Don’t try to out think the room.  Meaning: stop stringing complicated themes together with even more complicated words. Keep your writing style simple and don’t try to impresss.
  5. Do not use background images that make seeing your blog home page impossible.  I came across a page this morning that nearly caused me to have a seizure.
  6. Create an About page with an image of you.  It is the first page I go to when visiting a new page.  No About Page, I exit rather quickly.
  7. Organize your page in a simple and easy way to navigate.
  8. Link your page to your Gravatar
  9. This one might ruffle a few feathers, but I’m going to say it anyway.  I get that some pages cover serious topics and I understand that the subject matter on those pages will always be serious.  But, if you are blogging about your life, don’t always be Debbie Downer.  I use to follow a blog that I had to quit reading because every single post was so depressing.  There are going to be times when honesty requires a little sadness or a melancholy tone, but don’t complain in every post.  Your audience will get tired of reading it…I promise I’m not the only person that holds this opinion.
  10. Recycle your older posts.  This can be done in 1 or 2 ways.  1. change the date and time of a previously published post, or 2. copy an older post and republish.  The first option keeps all the statistical data attached to the post, but does not republish to your followers email inbox.  The latter option republishes to follower’s email, but is a brand new post with no statistical data attached.  I have used both methods and prefer the first option, but either way is fine.
  11. Use internal and external links in the body of your post.
  12. Stop using so many tags.  WordPress only recognizes 15 total tags, including your category!
  13. Lastly, edit your permalinks to reflect the information in your post.  This is especially important if a permalink defaults to a number.  The permalink to this post was originally a number and I edited it to “13 simple blogging tips.”

Hope this helps!!



My Healthy Living Update – 10/3/16


Have you ever had that moment when you realize you have been mentally lazy and in a split second resolve to make a change?


That happened to me yesterday while walking Bentley.  When I first started blogging I focused on several key elements of my life in which I made changes and redirected the course of my life: living debt-free, living a healthy lifestyle, being organized/goal oriented and being charitable with my time.  I call these my Pillars of Successful Living and they are the foundation on which I build my life.

Yesterday I was walking Bentley and realized that if I started making better food choices that I could get to my ideal weight.  Now, I am not heavy by any means weighing 180 lbs at the present moment.  The problem for me is that my body feels better at 170 lbs.  My MS symptoms tend to be less dramatic and my legs feel much lighter.  Plus I tend to not experience as much fatigue.

So yesterday I resolved that I will reach my goal of 170 lbs. by December 31st and I will do this by making common sense food choices AND adding 15 minutes of exercise each day.  I have been allowing my MS to influence my decisions about exercise, but NO LONGER!   I don’t mind making mistakes, but I cannot tolerate making excuses and I have been an excuse making machine.

The way I figure I can lose 3-4 pounds per month in a healthy manner which will put me under my goal by the end of December.  Slow and steady wins the race.

Anyone want to join me over the next few months??  If so, leave me a comment and I’ll make a list of those interested and link your health journey posts to these Healthy Updates!

How To Understand the True Struggle In Life


Life is not easy and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying or has never put forth much effort.  

It is my belief that the real struggle in life isn’t against getting ahead or finding success. Our struggle isn’t against the system or against other people.  Our struggle isn’t even against ourselves.  Humanity’s struggle is one against desire; we want more-more money, more recognition, more love, more friends, more promotions, more stuff.  

More, more, more.  If it exists, then we want it.  

Image result for buddha

Desire is the root cause of all evil

The Buddha

Some would argue that this quote is better translated as “craving is the root of all suffering” which says what I believe to be the essence of the statement.  The undisciplined mind will focus on that which it does not possess and will crave those things leaving us wanting.  And it is this disconnect and discontent that creates in us feelings of inadequacy. Buddha realized this and warned us to put off craving for material possessions.

I believe Jesus had a similar belief in the struggle against desire and human nature.

Image result for what did jesus of nazareth really look like

Image depicting what Jesus would most likely have looked like based on anthropological data.  Stark contrast to the European blond hair, blue eyed depiction.

If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven.

Jesus of Nazareth

Whereas Buddha was referencing more the struggle here on Earth, Jesus was taking the concept one step further when he begins to speak of the spiritual nature of life. Nonetheless, there is still a clear statement that perfection or contentment comes when human beings realize that separation from the desire to possess is necessary.

Do you realize this essential principle?  Do you understand that 100% of your struggles relate to your desire to possess things which you don’t currently have?   Do you recognize this truth and are you willing to separate from craving in order to become content with the person you are right now?  Are you willing to accept yourself with all of your flaws and deficiencies?

It is my belief that until each person comes to terms with desire and craving that he/she will never be truly content.  

Desire will always be man’s downfall.  

Fun Friday – 4 Tasty S’mores Recipes

I personally love smores and especially look forward to trying these recipes!!

My Golden Buzzer

Do you follow Insane Roots??

Insane Roots

I noticed something about myself recently. A confirmation that I have made great strides on this journey of reconnecting with myself and others.

I would like to share my experience in the hopes that it may be helpful to anyone who has ever felt lost.

What I noticed was that I have been able to consistently be at peace with where I am in any given moment. I allow myself to feel, but then to let go. I have found a love for myself that is nurturing and safe. Alleviating the need to constantly search for it in something or someone else. In times of sorrow, I reflect. In times of anger, I reflect.

And in times of joy and peace, I savor.

It has allowed me to fill my mind with appreciation. Appreciation that holds me together during times of hurt and disappointment. Appreciation that helps me grow in…

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How to Network Your Blog: 10/25/16


Here’s how to network your blog. The work is done for you, all you have to do is LIKE, COMMENT and FOLLOW others.  The more you network with other blogs, the more other blogs will network with you!

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I Like People Who Realize the Limits of Their Knowledge


Knowing that which you don’t know is an important knowledge to possess.  In this day-and-age many people talk to be heard and it comes across as a horn with no off switch. I’m not even sure they understand the falsehoods that spew from their mouths.  I do not know a lot about a lot of topics.  As a matter of fact I only have one friend who I speak with about philosophy, religion, politics and both of us often say “I don’t know” or “I’ll have to read up on this topic more.”

I like people who realize the limits of their knowledge and admit it.  I find myself respecting their self-awareness.

I Survived the Halloween Circus


This gallery contains 10 photos.

Originally posted on Susie Lindau's Wild Ride:
When I read about Apex Movement’s SpookAway: A Halloween Circus Night, in the newspaper under adult themed Halloween activities, I had no idea what kind of entertainment they would provide. Hosted by…

Question of the Day – 10/25/16


imagesQuestion of the Day:

How much money is enough money?  

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Kindness at the Movies

Read this short story on Peace From Panic!

Peace from Panic

Last weekend my husband and I went on a double date with two of our best friends. We saw The Accountant, which we loved.It’s about a high-functioning autistic man who is a math genius, played by Ben Affleck. He uses very creative accounting–cooking the books–for dangerous criminal organizations. It’s an exciting thriller that also touched my heart.

But this isn’t a post about the movie, and I’m definitely not a movie critic. What I want to tell you is what happened before the show.

My friend and I were waiting to buy popcorn and drinks. The line next to us opened up, so I went over there. I ordered, and the cashier hesitated and smiled. I wondered what was going on.

She held up a $20 bill and said, “See this? Not the person before you, but the person before him, gave me this money and told me to…

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Knowledge – The A to Z Challenge 2016

Another good one from Life of a Busy Dad!!

Life of a Busy Dad

My kids are always learning everyday like most other kids out there.  They also like reading stories and books about any topic that they can learn.  They also love going to the local library to play on the learning computers as well as getting to check out different books.K

My kids love learning for the knowledge.  They are wanting to learn as much as they can and then show my wife and I what they learned.

My youngest daughter loves dancing so she shows us new moves she learned.  My oldest daughter wants to and tries to be an artist by drawing the best pictures she can as well as coloring in the lines in her coloring books.

My youngest boy likes to show me what he learned with Minecraft and Lego’s.  If you don’t know about Minecraft then ask you kid or kids about it and they will be happy…

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To Miss New Orleans

Another great post on Ann Cavitt Fisher!!

Ann Cavitt Fisher

Jackson Square in the Fog by Ann Fisher

The city winds in and out of my consciousness, a strong part of who I am.

I know the map of the French Quarter like the palm of my hand. I should. A master taught me.

Clint Bolton seduced me when I was fourteen. No, not in that way. But I did fall in love with him, and along with him, his New Orleans.

St. Louis Cathedral in the morning fog. Photograph by Ann Fisher St. Louis Cathedral in the morning fog. Photograph by Ann Fisher.

Pendennis Club insignia The Pendennis Club was one of the businessmen’s clubs of New Orleans.

I met Clint Bolton at the Pendennis Club in New Orleans in August of 1979. My father belonged to Pendennis, and my parents had dragged me to a cocktail party there.

Yes, I said cocktail party. I was fourteen, it was New Orleans, and yes, I was drinking. Not a whole lot, mind you, but yes. Bored out of my mind, I expressed my desire…

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