What Would You Write To Santa?

If you were going to write to Santa as an adult, what would you write?  And I dont want to hear any Miss America answers like “peace on earth” or “end world hunger.”  I mean if you could ask for something personal or selfish…what would it be?  You can only ask for one thing for yourself and only honest requests would be honored!   I thought of this today and have spent a little time in thought, but still am unsure as to what I would ask.  The obvious request from me might be a cure for MS, but I have lived with It for so long now I am not sure what I would do if It were gone!  Maybe I would ask to own a successful business?  Maybe I would ask for my inside speed to slow down to match the pace of the outside world (this condition causes me tremendous stress and would be nice to experience).  At any rate, I am curious to know what most would ask for.

Only having one shot at it would require a lot of contemplation, as you wouldn’t want to squander such an opportunity.  It would start a journey of your heart and soul to discover your true desires and then identifying your trueest desire in order to scale down to just one thing.  This might be very difficult for some that haven’t talked to their inner self in a while and easier for those that are more in touch with who they are.  I think it would be difficult for some because few people think about their life’s desire once they have “grown up.”   And after all, life can be very distracting, allowing years to zip by in a matter of moments,  making it difficult to recall any desires that may have existed, from a time that seems like a 100 years ago, from a person that is merely a shadow of his or her former self.   So, for some, digging will be required!  

As I thought about this topic and trying to identify true desire it dawned on me that it is desire that keeps the “you” in you alive!   Once you lose or forget your true heart’s desire, you have lost or forgotten the real and honest “you.”   And it is this very thing that disallows most to experience fulfillment in life.  If I desired to be a musician but quit and worked as an accountant for 40 years, never finding satisfaction in my work, then it might make sense that I need music in my life again!   A fish needs to swim, a bird needs to fly and a cheetaa needs open spaces for running.  

My wife and I were talking the other day about why so many people lack initiative or passion to succeed.  I guess I understand that not every person is meant to be an entrepreneur or a CEO or the President of the United States. But I guess what I’m questioning is why so many struggle and complain about it versus design their life to find more success?  I know the question might seem over simplified, but why do so many people allow themselves and their families to struggle financially, for example? And this tangent runs back into our our original topic of desire. Most people that struggle lack the desire or life passion to do something about their current predicament. Some might call it being lazy or complacent and maybe that is true. But under all of the laziness I believe is a lack of desire for life;  a willingness to just live the status quo, believing that your lot in life has been cast.

My challenge is for you to find your desire. Find something that you have passion for and pursue it with diligence.  Do not give up, pour your heart and soul into it and do not stop until you reach your goal.  Then move on to something else; a new challenge!   Do not settle for the staus quo, do not allow life to dictate terms while you sit by accepting less than!  You are capable of more, you deserve more, you should expect more!!!

Until next time… dream big, dream often.


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