Top Habits of the Unsuccessful

As I have been trying to improve myself by understanding habits, especially those of the wealthy, I have stumbled across information regarding unsuccessful people. I was only going to focus on the positive with the idea of emulate what successful people do and forget everything else. But, I thought for comparison, it might be an interesting side note. Here are the common character traits of unsuccessful folk (an * denotes characteristics listed in multiple resources):

1.They think, say and do negative things**

2. They act before they think**

3.They talk much more than they listen**

4.They give up easily*

5. They try to bring others down to their level*

6.They waste their time***

7.They take the easy way out*

8.They believe they know it all

9.They fear change

10.They blame others

11.They are quick to criticize

12. They stop learning

13.They never set goals

14. Quick to hold grudges.

15. Hold to a sense of entitlement

16.Dont’ know what they want to be

17.Secretly hope others fail

18.Leave tasks incomplete/never finish things

19.Take credit from others

20. Watch television everyday****

21. Exude anger***

Obviously having a couple of these characteristics doesn’t mean you are an utter failure. So step in off the ledge. However, the funny thing I noticed is when I thought about several people i know that are not very successful, much of the list applied to them! One characteristic that stuck out to me was #5, they try to bring others down to their level. This is why successful people are very careful with their support group. If you are negative energy guy or girl, you gotta go. We all know these people. Life is always drama, often upset about something, personal life is a dumpster fire, never listens when you give them sound advice, every complaint is like listening to 100 other conversations you’ve had. These folk want company, they take pleasure in pulling you down. They might not say it, but they fear being alone and if you play their game, they will win.

Anyway, I posted the list because it sheds more light on the power of habits in our lives. Hope it helps you.

Dream big, dream often.

P.S. Funny that “watching televison every day” was listed in all 4 of my resources. Must be important…


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