Everyone Has A Spark♡

Several years ago I remember having a conversation with a friend about food.  What types of exotic foods we had eaten, which were our favorites and what we disliked.  I recall my part of the conversation being short as it has only been in recent years that I have moved off of the southern delights of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, fried okra and corn; on the cob or off!  But what is so vivid in my memory for some reason is my friends challenge to me to step out and try new things. And it was out of that conversation that I realized that I loved broccoli. I had spent the majority of my adult life explaining to people when presented with the veggie that I didn’t like it. I can’t recall why I didn’t like broccoli nor why I had never tried it since I was a kid. And as a matter of fact the memory of first tasting it and deciding I didn’t like it escapes me. But none the less I had decided in my mind that I did not like broccoli therefore broccoli was not a food option.I am thankful now that many years ago I tried broccoli and realized I loved it as now it is one of my favorite vegetables.

I recently received an email from someone telling me how lucky I am to have found something in life that I have passion for.  My response to them was, yes I do have a desire for writing, but I also explained to them that I have passions and desires for several other things in my life. And they were taken aback and commented at my fortune at not only having one passion, but multiple.  And it got me to thinking about the dilemma that some have when starting to design a life of success.  Step one is deciding on what you want, what you have desire for, and stating it to the universe.  But how do you begin when you don’t know what you have desire for?

So here’s my answer: you have to experiment in life to determine what might release desire in your heart. Just as I stepped out and gave broccoli a new place in my life, you must be open to new things to find passion and desire!  Until I started writing I did not realize how much I loved it.  It has become more then something to do, often times it is my therapy, my release from stress. It releases in me a creative juice that permeates all parts of my life.  I think we treat our life sometimes like I treated broccoli. We don’t know what we will like in life because we close ourselves off to the opportunities!


There is true desire and passion inside of every single human being. Some have a desire to serve and help people. Some have a desire for business and money. Some have a desire to write. Some have a desire to draw. Some have a desire to fly. What you must do is retrain your thinking, start saying yes to more experiences in life that will open up the creative spark inside of you and awaken your desire. (If you haven’t watched Yes Man starring Jim Carey do so).  Think of life as a Chinese buffet bar. And when you are standing in front of that buffet bar with your empty plate don’t go automatically to the things that you already know you like.  Fill your plate up with things that you have never tasted before or have passed over.  I am going to promise you some of those items on that plate you very well may not like. But, you may find one new item that you had never given the opportunity before and it may become your new favorite Chinese buffet bar item!  

There’s such a big, beautiful world in which we live, full of amazing and spectacular things to do and experience.  Yet, we sit in our cubicle and type away.  And that might be okay for work, but that is not okay for LIFE!!  Life was not meant to be lived in a cubicle. And many of us struggle with desire because our life has become so normal and ordinary, that we haven’t taken the time to expand ourselves by expanding our life experiences! Our routines have numbed us to the amazing world we live in; and many of us live with dying spirits.  So, step one to developing desire is to get outside of your “world.”  Go to the park and kick a ball, experience being a kid again by finger painting, make a mess, cut your own hair, take a picture, paint a picture, skip a stone, go fishing, fly a kite, get grass stains on your jeans, play in the rain, lay in the grass and watch clouds, go hiking….Scream at the top of your lungs and sing a song.  Break that shell, that crust that has formed around your life because of mundane routines. Once you have awakened the creative spark, finding your passion is right around the corner!  

Decide today to change…..Dream Big, Dream Often. 


5 thoughts on “Everyone Has A Spark♡

    1. I lived my life at one point embarrassed of a couple failures until I read Thomas Edison’s view on failures. Then I realized they were helping me get one step closer to discovering a passion! And yes broccoli is great! Lol

  1. I actually started writing because I broke off with my therapist rather abruptly. THen it was like.hey I like this. This helps. and it is helping others too. COOL… I think for the most part it has been breaking out of what was in my head. IN my head you pick something and you do it all your life. Thats just what you do. IN REAL LIFE. that is not at all what happens and no one really tells you that you can’t just pick something , it picks you.

    1. Writing becomes your own therapist, especially when you write honestly. It also creates a higher sensitivity to goings on around you and expands perspective, which is also therapeutic. Thank you for your comment!

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