Before I Kick the Bucket…

I always talk about doing and accomplishing amazing things and I thought it would be neat to talk about things on my bucket list.  I have never compiled a list before so I’m kind of writing off the cuff.  I’m a wild and crazy guy!  For you youngsters that’s a Saturday Night Live reference from the good ole days; Google it, Steve Martin is a genius!  The bucket list is the ultimate to-do list and I think it is important to have things or places that you plan to do or see as lifelong goals.  After all, without goals we wonder aimlessly!  As you think about your lifelong goals, bucket list, be careful to avoid a “wishlist.”  A bucket list includes things you want and plan to do, not things that you hope to do one day, if time allows and if you get around to it.  But with that said it’s your list so have at it.

Here’s my list…

1.  I want to visit Europe.  My wife is from Poland and I want to visit her country and see the sights.  I am amazed at stories she tells of castles and churches that are thousands of years old!  The church she was baptized in was built in the 1200’s and is still used for weekly services!  To consider the history of buildings and places that have stood the test of time intrigues me.  I’ve also wanted to visit Germany, Austria, England and France.  It would be nice to take a month or so and enjoy what each country has to offer.  Oh, almost forget, gotta see the mountains featured in The Sound of Music!”

2.  I am at home in the Caribbean and want to sail the islands from end-to-end! 

3.   Play a few hands of high-stakes blackjack in Vegas!  My vision is to get dressed to the nines, take a limo to a great dinner with a nice bottle of wine, then maybe a show and next to the high-roller tables at the casino! 

4.  Write a book that gets published.

5.  Make someone’s dream come true.  Fund a start-up business?  Pay for a college education?  Help someone get back on their feet?

6.  Do something daring.  Thanks to my Uncle Lee, I adopted the personal motto, “Safety first,” which has kept me healthy.  The side effect of this matra is a lack of adrenaline inducing adventures.  I haven’t decided yet, but I’m thinking something like bungee jumping, sling shotting or driving a racecar.  I must admit I don’t see myself skydiving or diving with sharks.  One must learn to walk before running! 

7.  Play golf in Ireland, Scotland and England.  My favorite major is The Open Championship and it would be my life’s dream to spend a couple weeks overseas and play Carnoustie, Royal Liverpool, Doonbeg, Kilrush, Lahinch, The Old Course and Royal Birkdale.  Friends have explained to me that there are days where a player can experience all four seasons in one round of golf!!  Plus the scenery looks amazing. 

8.  Visit Jerusalem and swim in the Dead Sea. 

9.  Spend a night in a haunted house!  Scary and adventurous….wwwwooooooo! (Ghost sound, not Ric Flair)

10.  Visit north Africa and West Asia  Jordan, Morocco and Egypt.  Pyramids possibly built by aliens (??lol??), Petra and Casablanca…I’m in. 

11.  Learn to disco dance and break out my sweet dance moves if the Bee Gees ever get played at a party.

12.  Become fluent in a second language.  I’m taking Polish lessons now so maybe I’ll be ready for my European trip!

13.  Drive cross-country.

14.  Meet the President of the United States.

15.  Take a spontaneous flight.  No decisions until at the airport.

16.  Start my own successful business.

17.  Learn how to call bids at an auction.

18.  Develop 6 pack abs.

19.  Make a time capsule and open in 20 years.  To include: newspaper clippings, a letter to myself about my world-views, pictures, pop-culture items, a letter to my wife/kids/family. 

It was very cool to put together my list and I encourage you to think about what you want on your list.  Now it is time to start enjoying checking things off!!

Aiming high…..Dream Big, Dream Often! 


18 thoughts on “Before I Kick the Bucket…

    1. Thank you. imagine finding a kid that wanted to go to college but couldn’t afford it and then writing the check for their education!! Talking about changing the world!

  1. Good idea this and one I shall be taking up the challenge for! Liked your number 1 particularly as, hailing from that island across the pond and living in a pretty ancient part of it, I can attest to the age of some of its buildings. The parish church in my home town, for example, dates from 1100.

  2. great list! good luck with all of them! especially learning Polish, it is so great to have a 2nd language, opens up so much. my husband speaks a foreign (to me!) language and it forced me into learning it to talk with his family but has been well worth the effort!

    1. Thank you for your comment! I am a couple months into my lessons and look forward to the challenge. It is rated as one of the most difficult languages to learn, but I am determined.

  3. Great list 😉 Number 9 made me chuckle as I used to embark on paranormal investigations. Great fun, but definitely more Ric Flair ‘wooing’ than anything made of ectoplasm in my experience!

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