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I have spent many hours lately in introspection.  Thinking of friends and family I’ve lost, my past and future.  Sometimes you are going to be sad and for no particular reason other than being human.   My recent philosophical dilemma deals with my desire for success versus the thought that material gains are not the path to ultimate fulfillment.

I know with 100% certainty that things can and never will fill my soul.  But, money is a necessity to ensure my family is secure, therefore it is my responsibility to balance both.  I must work to succeed, but not have success, money or things become ultimately important.  EASIER SAID!!  Most great falls from grace revolve around people that let success cloud their views.

The philosopher in me struggles sometimes with this idea, especially when I read about death-bed regrets of too much work and not chasing dreams.   I wish life were easier sometimes.

Paul Tillich wrote that a man’s god can be identified by that with which he is ultimately concerned.  And I have carried that thought in my mind for years; watch what a person is ultimately concerned with and you will find their “god.”

I am at a place where I’m not sure of my ultimate concern.  Don’t get me wrong, I know where I am going and I know exactly what I want in life.  I guess thinking of my friends that have passed has me thinking of what is truly important.  And in the end we all will have different answers.  Maybe the answer isn’t so much of what is important, but who.

I miss my friends dearly.



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  1. I struggle with this balance you speak of too. Material things aren’t what I want. I have walked away from people in my life because we did not share this value. However, I do want success in certain areas and I wish I could find more of that success, which does include money. It’s a constant conflict in my heart, mind, and soul.

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