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I talk about weight loss and obesity often because I have experienced the benefits of weight loss and believe there is no other catalyst like it for personal success.  I am by no means an expert, but do consult with experts to confirm my suspicions and validate information.  I try to encourage everyone to do what you can do, understanding that some have limitations.  With that said check this out…

First, I found some interesting information about women and heart disease.  Statistics show that heart disease is the number 1 killer of women, killing 1 in 3 women or….1 woman every minute!!  One study showed that women struggle with heart disease because women lie about their height and weight.  Women are inundated with advertising campaigns showing very skinny models and beautiful actresses, which causes women to develop a gender self confidence issue.  When some women see the model, the subconscious statement is, “this is what a real woman should look like, this is what you should look like.”  The human subconscious takes it one step farther in that the woman might say to herself, “if I do not look like that, then something is wrong with me.”  And years of conditioning causes women to learn to be dishonest with themselves regarding height and weight, which in turn creates susceptibility to heart disease.  I am not sure if this is true, but it makes sense in light of the fact that I have been told to never talk to a woman about her weight.  The only reason I included this theory is to bring up the topic that we are not honest with ourselves about high body fat percent. Our society has normalized obesity and we are fooling ourselves in a deadly game. I would love to hear some comments from women about this theory. Btw, while I formed this paragraph 4 women died.

I spoke with a doctor friend of mine that stated if any human is carrying an extra 15 lbs of fat they are at the peak of a very dangerous slippery slope.  His experience shows that people have become so accustomed to seeing and being overweight that our level of acceptance has increased; add political correctness to the equation and some people are never told they are carrying around too much body fat.  When you look like the majority of those around you it is very easy to identify yourself as being okay, to normalize your state; in actuality it means you and those like you are probably due for some very serious health complications.

I promised myself and my readers that I would always be honest when I write.  And I understand that some topics are not easy or fun to discuss, but I would rather have my friends, family and readers be around in 5 years versus dead because they neglected their body and died of congestive heart failure at 46 years old!!!!!!!!!   Here are a few facts:

1.  72.5 million US adults are obese
2.  20% of cancer cases in women and 15% in men are attributed to obesity
3.  You are 56% more likely to experience psychological issues such as depression if you are obese
4.  If you are obese, you are 4 times more likely to develop osteoarthritis

I personally believe very few people truly understand what defines obesity so I have included a body fat percentage chart below.  My friend and health expert, Ryan, explained to me that ideal weight charts based on height are ineffective.  The best way to identify obesity is using a body fat % chart.  The links below talk about body fat %:

http:// http://healthyliving.azcentral.com/american-council-exercise-body-fat-percentage-18026.html

http:// http://www.builtlean.com/2010/08/03/ideal-body-fat-percentage-chart/

http:// http://www.builtlean.com/2010/07/13/5-ways-to-measure-body-fat-percentage/

Everything I say I say from a place of concern and love, not judgment and condemnation.  I do not want more people to die if simply walking down the street and making better food choices will save your life.

Here is the brutal truth…if you have been reading this and now realize you must change, then do so!  If you ignore your health you will become a statistic.  Your family will continue on without a father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, etc.  And it could have been avoided.  Would you agree that you owe it to yourself and family to do whatever it takes to provide for them?  If you agree, then start making better food choices and participate in some type of physical activity.

I promise you will feel so much better once you eliminate sugary drinks, processed foods, fatty fast foods and walk around the block!  Make eating junk food the exception not the norm.

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Sometimes we all need a little tough love…Dream Big, Dream Often.


2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Statistics

  1. Unfortunately my grandmother passed of heart failure last year. Both sides of my family also have a lot of heart issues. Since her passing I’ve taken to being more “heart healthy”, I’m 26 and want to avoid the same problems I am seeing family deal with. The statistics you listed are sad and scary, I’m glad you shared them though 🙂

    1. Thank you for your story and I am sorry to hear of your grandmother’s passing. I must be honest that this post scared me a bit because of the title that I chose. But I committed myself to always being truthful when I write and I began to feel that I was doing people an injustice by not using the word “fat.” We have sugar coated obesity to the point that there are obese people that have never been told that their situation is so ridiculously dangerous. And I have decided to stop pulling punches and focus most of my writing on talking about living a healthy lifestyle and debt free living as two key metrics of dream life living.

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