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I spent most of my adult life feeling as though I performed as an underachiever.  My job felt beneath my abilities and I knew I was continuing because the golf biz came easy to me and it was fun.  I must admit that I was envious of entrepreneurs and those I knew that made a lot of money.  And although money was not necessarily my main goal, I always wanted to experience life the way the “other half lived!”  In order for this to come to fruition I had to go through a changing of the mental guard.

My first step was understanding AND believing I was capable of greatness.  I use greatness instead of success intentionally.  Not all achievement is focused on the conventional definition of success, therefore I choose the word greatness to qualify actions aimed at breaking through the staus quo.   For instance, an older runner may not finish the marathon but the greatness is found in the training and the trying!

What the Dream Realizer comes to understand is that underachievers are usually so because they rarely try anything new.  They are either too comfortable or too fearful to try and therefore never grow or achieve.   I like to think about the topic in these words: the underachiever “under tries” and the overachiever “over tries!”   Make sense?  If you feel like you are underachieving in life then you are probably a person that does not open yourself to new experiences.  (See my post on Being Openminded.). You must transform your closed thinking into a mind of openness and eagerness to try everything and anything!


When I taught golf as my profession I was always amazed at the players that would seek me out, pay me for my knowledge, only to begin explaining to me their thoughts on golf.  They were struggling to improve, yet were reluctant to accept new information.  My comment to them was to remind them that their mindset and golf knowledge (or lack thereof!) resulted in all of their frustrations!  Why would anyone expect the thinking that caused the problem to also be the thinking required to solve the problem??  It makes no sense but many of us continue in mediocrity in this manner.  You must come to understand that your current thoughts and views on life have resulted in you underachieving, thus a revolution or transformation of your mind is not only important, I would argue it is imperative.


Napolean Hill stated, “First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.” And my personal favorite, ” What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

You must exorcise the mindset that helped in digging the hole in which you currently find yourself! Are you pessimistic? Become optimistic. Are you a procrastinator? Become a person of action. Are you fearful? Become full of courage? Are you a doubter? Become resolute! Are you stingy? Become generous? Are you lazy? Become energetic. Are you a gossip? Become tight-lipped. Are you disheveled? Become organized. Your mindset put you in your predicament and transforming your mind will release you to discover your own greatness.

Think of what I am saying in this context: if you are overweight or obese (assuming your issue is not due to a medical condition) and have been unsuccessful to this point in life to find a way to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, then your knowledge of food, motivation and exercise is not adequate enough for you to help yourself. As a matter of fact I would bet your misinformation and ego have contributed mightily to your weight problem!! Your knowledge is insufficient which requires you to transform your mind to a new way of thinking. You must realize that you are incapable of self-help and need to learn what to eat and how to exercise from a professional. Gleaning knowledge from professionals is one step to transforming your thinking and revolutionizing your mind.

I personally experienced a change of thinking in the area of becoming a little more organized and overcoming procrastination. One simple morning ritual helped me tremendously: making the bed. Each morning I take something that is a mess and I organize it immediately. I do not allow for any excuses, I simply demand of myself that I make the bed first thing (after coffee of course) before I move on to any other tasks. It is a reminder to myself that the procrastinator in me wants to make the bed later, but I must beat that guy down because that mindset produced mediocrity for years!


It is essential for you to swallow your ego and pride and admit to yourself that you have no clue what you are doing and that your current mess is the doing of your current mindset. Change must occur. This will allow you to take steps toward a re-education of yourself in the area needing improvement. I recommend emailing professionals to help in your education. DO NOT ASK ADVICE FROM A FRIEND UNLESS THEY ARE A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL IN THE FIELD OF INQUIRY!! I am quickly reminded of the “blind leading the blind” parable. Spoiler alert: they both fall in the ditch! At any rate I know people can change, but it requires dramatic effort; you can overcome if you have desire.

Change your mind, change your life!

Big Dreamer.


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  1. Hi! Popping over from the Open House post on RandomMusings! I can relate quite a bit to this post – I have plenty of motivation and ambition, but a lot of pride too. I am the last person to ask for help or knowledge even when I know I should, and it comes back to bite me in the butt often! 🙁 I’m a very stubborn person, but working on changing this!

    1. Thank you for popping over!! Thank you for your comment and for taking your time to read my blog. And I think we are all stubborn at times, but asking for help can prevent a lot of troubles.

      1. It works okay. I am not getting rich, but it helps! I do a lot of work toward my mission for free and the support of my readers is great. I am writing a book at the moment, a booklet to pass out at my speaking engagements, public speaking to MS support groups and, of course, produce this blog. It takes up so much time and the support is invaluable! Oh, and all of the speaking, blogging I do for free. So yes the donations help.

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