My 1 Mental Key for Dropping Weight

I have been focusing lately on two areas that I believe hold the key to unlocking anyone’s potential and allowing for the freedom to dream chase: living a healthier lifestyle and paying down debt.  I have received tremendous feedback from a lot of you about losing weight or as I prefer to say, living a healthier lifestyle.  Several emails have asked me what I have found to be one key that has helped me shed a few el bees.  I gave it some thought and I have found one key that helped me along the way.

As most of you know I am a huge fan of religious history and I stole this saying from my college professor: “Make the familiar strange and the strange familiar.”  He would say this to encourage students to stop and look at ancient texts from a new perspective.  After a document or topic has been discussed, read, discussed, read and discussed again, it can be difficult to see in a new light.  So the observer must step back, pause and develop a new “eye”, so to speak.  The topic of weight loss has been beat to death and I will bet there are thousands of “diets” being advertised and Shared on Facebook, with people jumping from one to another.  The word “diet” has come to be used for a temporary change in an eating regimen to shed pounds in a short amount of time.  Few provide success, with the majority being fads that join the rest in the pile of failed ventures.  It is time for us to make the familiar strange and the strange familiar.

I decided in December to change or Transform my mind as it related to my weight loss and stop worrying about the numbers on the scale! Instead, I was determined to develop and live a healthier lifestyle.  I decided to embrace the times that I wanted to eat Oreos and enjoy the times that I wanted a Culvers burger.  BUT, those times could not represent my lifestyle.  I focused on eating clean and healthy 80% of the time while not destroying my hardwork the other 20% of the time.  I used my Monday weigh-in as motivation only, not as the goal.  My goal was to develop a habit of making better food choices most of the time while limiting the junk food calories over the span of 1 year.  I know our failure as it relates to weight loss is our fixation on the scale so I pretty much neutralized its power.

healthy-lifestyle-tipsBecause my plan was long-term (by long-term I mean forever) I knew my body would gradually find its natural balance over a period of time.  My conversations with experts led me to realize that I should expect to lose 1 lb per week eating from a reasonable, healthy menu.  So as long as I hit my 1 pound mark each week, I know I am on the right track.  If I have a bad week I learn from it and get back to making better choices.  It is that simple.

I think too many of us get caught up in diets and fads and pounds lost.  And when we are not quickly excelling we get frustrated and quit.  Transform your thinking to focusing on living a healthier lifestyle and let your weight loss be a secondary benefit and motivator.  Develop the habit of eating more fruits, vegetables, fish and turkey.  Think about weight loss in terms of healthy living and as a marathon not a sprint.  Drop the fad diets, juicing, low carb, paleo, blah, blah, blah.  The problem with these fads is they are not sustainable over a very long period of time, nor were they designed to be implemented in your life for the long haul.  So inevitably the fad dieter is left with a “what do I do now” problem upon its conclusion!   How many can relate to that problem?  I am guessing most.

Remember my post on how we make life more difficult sometimes?  Well, I always try to take complex ideas or problems and treat them like fractions in math.  First you must reduce down to the most common denominator.  Don’t let the information overwhelm you.  What percentage of carbs versus protein multiplied by the inverse of nonsaturated fat minus body mass index divided by the population of Nevada…good lord my brain wants to explode reading some articles on the subject.  No wonder so many of you are confused and frustrated!  Eating right is as simple as shopping on the exterior portion of the grocery store, limiting grains/pastas, eat lean turkey and fish and buy fresh veggies and fruit.  Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever step foot in the center aisles unless you are buying spices.  Just to reiterate…never, ever, ever, ever!  Got it?  Fruits…good.  Frozen dinners…bad.  Fresh veggies…good.  Boxed foods…bad.  Ground turkey…good.  Chips Ahoy (although good)…bad!

photogallery_afib_friendly_exercises_walking_fullOh, and don’t forget to eliminate sugar drinks and replace with lots of H2O!!

I hope you find my view on the subject helpful as I truly want everyone to live life healthy, void of preventable disease, medical problems and premature death. I believe in you and am always available for support, just leave a comment and I will reply.  Be sure to remember my 3 rules: LIKE my FB page, SHARE with your friends and family and Subscribe to WordPress.  The more you share the more people we can help live long, prosperous, healthy lives!

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15 thoughts on “My 1 Mental Key for Dropping Weight

  1. Your comment on the term ‘diet’ is spot on. In late 2012, I began a lifestyle change, found an app that let me track my calories and set a goal of losing a pound a week. I still eat many foods from the “center” of the store, but my perimeter purchases are much greater than they used to be. In addition, a daily trip to the gym helped me gain some muscle tone, and let me eat more as my caloric allowance increased with the effort. I can’t say I’ve maintained a pound a week loss, but I have lost 55 pounds, and have maintained my current weight for over a year. You are so right… forget the term ‘diet’ and think about reducing the quantity and increasing the quality of the food eaten.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I hope more people discover what you have!! I feel so much better physically speaking and I still get to eat a few foods I enjoy. I really focus on not destroying my work with the 20%!

  2. I was skinny for my first 45 years. I just turned 50 and I finally need to care about my weight. It “bursted” the last two years. I am tall so it all went to my stomach area. I need to stay away from the “center isle” as well. I was encouraged by your post in eating sensibly. It makes a lot of sense and that is the approach I am taking.

    1. Scott, thank you for dropping in and reading! I have found success in adopting a lon-term approach trying to eat sensibly 80% of the time. It is not as difficult as some make it. Point blank, I don’t want to die and leave my family alone. I am surprised more responsible adults do not take action. I am glad you were encouraged!

      1. I guess it is a selfish act by not watching what you eat if you have family to consider. If people thought of it with that perspective, I think more would avoid the bakery section.

  3. I am only 5′ 2″ and had to lose 40 pounds or get on anti-cholesterol medicine in my forties. I was very stressed and this was quite a challenge. I ate lots of green vegetables, no carbs, enjoyed cottage cheese and making a dip which was sugar free to dip cucumbers and broccoli, cauliflower in. It had dill, onion and some spices in it. I found it not too hard to eat a piece of meat the size of my palm. I enjoyed having grilled fish, chicken and sometimes treated myself to steak. I lost 20 pounds in one year, then another 20 the next year. I know you have a bigger challenge, but I wish you well and much good luck. Thanks for liking my posts, which sometimes are quite fun. On Thurs. I will have a ‘sexy post,’ a poem of sorts of my first honeymoon. Smiles, Robin

    1. I was just at your page looking around!! It makes me happy to know that you adopted a healthy lifestyle! I “preach” to people, especially women, that the risks of heart disease and heart related issues are real. Having too much fat around your organs only make it that much worse! Great job and thank you for dropping by!!

  4. Danny
    I read this post just today and you are so right. But above all, you are a kind hearted person who is willing in put in so much time and energy so others can have a good life.
    I am trying to lose weight too but I do go into the center aisles to get rice for the family, wheat for the family, spices for all of us, cat food, cereal, chocolates to gift someone else. Most of my time is spent in the outer aisles buying veggies and fruits- I have a problem with acidic fruits – they cause me migraines- I am learning how to conquer that.
    But as you said, obsession with one thing over another is not going to get us anywhere. Balancing our diets is what is important.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed this post and I am happy to read that you don’t spend a lot of time shopping on the interior portion of the stores! That’s where all the “bad” foods live!

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