The Power of Living An Honest Life

I experienced something this week that is difficult to digest.  On occasion my path crosses the path of someone that on the surface is one person, but in their heart they are a much different person: a manipulator.  If you recall my post Friends: They Can Make You or Break You about being careful when choosing your friends, you will remember “bad” friend #4 is the manipulator.  And it is the manipulator that affected my life this week.  And this experience sparked my mind to the importance of living a truly honest life.

Those that are dishonest, fake, liars, manipulators will get their just due in the end.  I am a firm believer in a higher cosmic force that tends to even the score and provide balance to the world.  You can choose to be on the positive side of this force or on the receiving end.  When you lie and manipulate you plant seeds in the soil.  Those seeds of lies eventually sprout and bloom and eventually the truth is revealed.  On the list of things wealthy people do is this:

Avoid toxic people.  When you surround yourself with like-minded and focused individuals, it makes reaching your goals much easier. Plus you can learn from those around you if they are geared toward success as well.  Let naysayers find someone else to hang out with. If you want to be successful you do not have time to waste dragging along people that want to cause drama in your life.

You cannot waste valuable resources on individuals whose sole mission is to rob you of your life-energy.  If you encounter a manipulator cut bait immediately.  If you confront or try to reason or correct the situation, then you are playing into their hands, playing their game.  And when you try to play the game of the dishonest the dishonest will always win.  Just sever all ties as quickly as possible.

Instead, focus your energy to always be upfront, honest, forthright, kind, helpful and compassionate.  In the end these actions will speak louder than any words that could ever be vocalized.

Thank you for allowing me a moment to vent,

Big Dreamer

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3 thoughts on “The Power of Living An Honest Life

  1. Understandable vent! I find myself in a similar situation with one who portrays himself as something he is not. I am working diligently to sever ties with this person.

    1. Smart move. In the past I tried to play their game but realized it’s like trying to out hustle a hustler. They have years of experience and think so many moves ahead that you cannot win. Therefore I give them all the rope they need + time and let karma works it’s slow effective job.

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