Tough Love

I look around at people in my world, friends, family, associates, (and I realize I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination)and I see so many people settling to live a life of complacency.   I understand that not every person is cut out or equiped to be a CEO, but what happened to continually striving to be the best a person can be; continuing to self-improve?  If I am missing something here please comment and help me expand my understanding.  I work hard to read everything I can to challenge myself to expand and not settle.  I must not become complacent, I must grow.

I read so many life-complaints on Facebook and Twitter and think to myself: “Take action and change your life!!  How can you expect life to change for you when you keep committed to the same actions that produced the problem you are complaining about?!?!”  It drives me absolutely insane!  Here’s a tip: if you are unhappy with your life then make a list of all the things you do…then do the opposite.  Change your habits (aka actions) change your results. 
Or continue the same habits, get the same results, but stop complaining.  You are getting exactly what you should from life.  This might seem harsh, but you can’t expect anyone to help YOU, except YOU.  Change, change, change, change, change, change!! 

“I just can’t seem to lose weight.”  Meanwhile you eat 3,500 calories per week and sit watching television at night. 
“I hate my job, but cannot quit because I can’t make less money.”  Meanwhile, you could make household budget cuts and pay off some debt in 20 months, thus freeing you up to take a job that makes you happier.
“I wish I could make more money.”  Meanwhile you hang out at night with your friends gaming, bar hopping or sitting around versus registering for night classes and furthering your education, thus setting you up for career advancement.

DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING DIFFERENT.  I am being tough, but some of my readers need a kick in the butt!  If you continue procrastinating, tomorrow will turn into 5, 10, 20 years.  And you will be in the same place you are right now, I promise you.  And I know it’s hard…but it’s not impossible! 

It is time for tough love to get people to begin expecting more from themselves!  Please SHARE this with your friends and let’s change somone’s life!!

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30 thoughts on “Tough Love

    1. I read the same complaints over and over and over. It is beyond me that people spin their wheels in life hoping for some miracle to change things. There is only you to change you.

  1. I always strive to be happier and closer to my dream life but unfortunately many other people are just too lazy to change their life. I think people give up so easily, they stay in their dull life because it’s comfortable and easy though they’re not happy. I especially agree to your point about people who don’t have their dream jobs because they would earn less. Many of my friends chose a job because it brings lots of money and because it was easy to attain though they hate their jobs and aren’t happy. Money’s really not that important, doing what you love is far more important.

    1. I appreciate you taking a few moments to comment. I agree with you that many are simply too lazy to change. If only they knew the life of their dreams is a few short steps away!!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. I am of the “tough love” camp myself. I cannot listen to people bitch for very long before I jump in and tell them to enact some sort of change and get over themselves already! We are who we are by our own actions, and by our own choosing. We have no one to blame but ourselves. We are blessed/cursed with free will and with that comes the ultimate responsibility of taking the reins in our lives and making things happen the way that we want them to.

      1. Abso-toot-ley! I enjoyed your post! I am currently in an Existential Philosophy class and voraciously devouring the likes of Camus, Nietzsche, Sartre and the rest of the gang. I love it when I come across like minded people who are more of the “suck it up buttercup” mentality, (as I am) and correct me if I am wrong here, you strike me as being one yourself.

  3. Having worked as an addictions counselor for the past 30 years, I understand your frustration. While many of my clients take steps to change their thoughts and actions to create a new lifestyle, many others do not understand how much work recovery takes. Some are afraid, of change, afraid of failure,or even afraid of success, though they don’t always see this. Sometimes my job is meeting a person where they are and encouraging baby steps. I appreciate your enthusiastic encouragement as I take my own steps toward a more creative career and even better health.

  4. A great post! It’s so true, there are many out there just expecting things to just happen… Its like wishing to win the lottery, but not actually playing!

      1. I really need to go buy a lottery ticket… I’m guilty of saying that one, but in general I will try and be a do-er, though not a wisher… A dreamer, always!

    1. Thank you for reading!! And I like the “snap out of it” saying. Some people are not very strong mentally to be able to self-correct, but can find strength when told to do so!

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