Things To Do To Awaken Your Inner Child

1.  Lay in the grass and stare at the clouds or stars.

2.  Wrestle in the yard.

3.  Go to the park and play catch

4.  Go down a slide at the water park 50 times in a row

5.  Ride a rollercoaster

6.  Build a sandcastle at the beach

7.  Color with crayons

8.  Make something from Playdough

9.  Play a board game

10.  Play hide-n-go seek

11.  Play a pick up game of basketball

12.  Use your imagination and make up crazy stories

13.  Believe and learn a magic trick

14.  Play in the dirt

15.  Finger paint a picture

16.  Go fishing

17.  Visit kids in the hospital

18.  Eat a giant lollipop

19.  Go to a local fair and eat cotton candy

20.  Watch nature

This quote hangs in my bedroom just below a framed Disney artwork piece…

That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up.

Walt Disney

Children are often referenced in philosophical/religious writings as having wisdom far beyond that of adults.  They are quick to forgive and forget, quick to love and full of wonderment.   As we age it would benefit every one of us to remember that it’s not always a compliment to be referred to as a “grown up.”  See the world through the eyes you had as a child; you still have them, you just have to awaken that kid inside of you.

“Oh, there you are Peter…”



18 thoughts on “Things To Do To Awaken Your Inner Child

    1. Now you’re in the spirit of the post! Or how about play with a puppy or kitten…fly a kite…make a snow angel……why do we grow up?? Kids have all the fun! Lol

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