Sometimes I Have To Get Little Ra Ra

When I first began writing I asked a close friend for his opinion of my blog.  He stated that he enjoyed reading, but at times my message was a little too ra, ra for his liking.  His feedback was honest and appreciated and accurate.  I write to encourage people to challenge themselves to discover their inner greatness thus opening the door to living the life of their dreams and often times that requires a little cheerleading.  Often times I feel like I am begging and pleading with people to just try something, anything to change.  Refuse to accept mediocrity,  always look for ways to expand and improve.  And sometimes people need to know someone believes in them. People are very reluctant to change even in the face of imminent death and I will do whatever it takes to get through to just one person.

I know the positive impact of knowing someone believes in your abilities; even when you do not believe in yourself.  That person for me is my wife and my life changed dramatically when I had her support, encouragement and unwavering belief in my abilities. 

I beg, plead, implore people to lose weight and strive to live a healthy lifestyle.  Is it because I think people should not be content with who they are?  Am I a “fat basher” as I was called in a recent email?  No.  I encourage every person that is overweight to lose weight because I don’t want anyone to die of congestive heart failure.  I don’t want people to suffer from obesity related diabetes.   I don’t want people to deal with the physical pain of lugging around the extra weight equivalent to a small human.  I beg, plead and cheerlead to convince one person to change. 

I beg, plead and urge people to begin today to pay off credit card debt.  Is it because I think I am perfect and enjoy standing over people in judgement?  No.  I encourage people to stop using credit cards because very few have the discipline to use them responsibly and millions of Americans are chained and shackled to jobs they hate because of ridiculous debt.  I want my readers to experience the freedom of being out from under the weight and stress of insurmountable debt. I want people to have professional flexibility.  It takes making serious sacrifices such as cutting cable TV, eating out and buying new clothes from your budget.  I beg, plead and cheerlead to convince one person to change.

I cheer readers on because I know the power of knowing someone else believes in you; someone has your back.  My wife has my back, and I have yours.  Trust me when I say: whoever you are, whatever your challenge, I believe in you and I believe you can conquer whatever goal you set your mind to achieving.   You can rest assured that if no one else gives you support, Danny will always be there to lend support, encouragement and tough love! 

Do something today that your future self will thank you for having done!

Big Dreamer


12 thoughts on “Sometimes I Have To Get Little Ra Ra

  1. I find that the best way to change others for the better, their better, is to be an example. I am sure you are one as well. Thank you for caring about others but try not to be too disappointed if they don’t listen! care anyway! much light and peace to you. Michelle

    1. Michelle…thank you for your thoughts! I appreciate the encouragement and I agree that living by example is the only way. I do not get discouraged as I receive lots of emails and messages from folk giving kind words and thoughts. I am learning that some people just simply need time and unfortunately the human condition can be one of apathy, only taking action to change when forced to, often through tragedy. I love living my life knowing that someone today “heard” my words and took action to better their health or improve themselves. Thank you for taking the time to say hi!!

  2. “Trust me when I say: whoever you are, whatever your challenge, I believe in you and I believe you can conquer whatever goal you set your mind to achieving.”
    wow – did I need to hear that today! thank you for posting such positive words. their influence and impact are felt.

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