What Are You Allowing To Steal Your Happiness?

Continuing our talk from this morning about choosing your friends wisely, check out #9 on this list.  “Bad” friends drain your life-energy so be very careful who you let in to share your life.  The title refers to happiness in the sense of being generally fulfilled in life, not the emotion of smiling, laughing, joy, etc. These are great life tips!

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8 thoughts on “What Are You Allowing To Steal Your Happiness?

    1. Sometimes relationships are difficult to read. In the beginning we overlook “clues” because we want to give people a chance. But over time people reveal their true self and separating can be difficult. But sometimes necessary. Thank you for reading and commenting!!

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  2. I try to fiercely slay everything that gets in the way of my happiness. I must say, I struggle with the things that get in the way of my sleep. You dish out excellent advice on your blog. You are doing the world a wonderful kindness!

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