Is It Sleepy Time?

My thoughts on health usually focus on obesity and the serious and deadly impact that fat can have on our bodies and lives.  But, I am finding that there is more to being healthy than just eating right and exercising. Take sleeping for instance. Were you aware that there are serious health issues associated with sleep deprivation? If not, you’ve come to the right place!! Check out what has for us tonight:
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20 thoughts on “Is It Sleepy Time?

      1. Oh of Ameria unions, one for your family know who was there, and for all those who are in Ameria 🙂
        Nice if you can come to Indonesia, I warmly welcome your arrival in Indonesia, although not able to meet in person 🙂

      1. I had my hubby drive me to a psych ER for a full evaluation once because I was afraid I was becoming schizophrenic because I was having such severe auditory and visual hallucinations that were all from extremely bad sleep deprivation. I have primary insomnia so I have dealt with issues stemming from a lack of sleep my whole life. I have gone for 72 hours without sleep and it was terrifying. It nearly killed me.

  1. I read a study recently that said that not only is less than 6 hours bad for you, but so is over 8! Fortunately I hit around 7.5 per night (though on a weekend you have to add in my afternoon nap to hit that – afternoon naps count, right?).

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