My Healthy Living Update

Okay gang it has been a few weeks since I posted an update on my healthy lifestyle.  For those that are new to the Dream Big community, I put forth my 6 step “plan” that I believe everyone can use to achieve any goal in any facet of life:  Determine what you want, determine what you will sacrifice, have faith, perseverance, get organized and execute.  This is the map I have used to lose weight. 

Anywho, when I started my journey way back in December I weighed 192 pounds.  I wanted to focus on living a healthy lifestyle and let my weight loss be a second-hand effect, but not the focus.  I strive to make healthy food choices 80% of the time while not breaking the calorie “bank” the remaining 20%.  Kind of a common sense approach.  I only weigh myself every couple of weeks versus weekly weigh-ins at the beginning of the process. 

Today I weighed in at 174.2 pounds!  This eclipsed my goal of losing a pound per week and that puts a smile on this Dreamer’s face!! It also reinforces my belief that my plan is continuing to work! 

Anyone can begin to live a healthier lifestyle.  This brings me to a thought I have spent considerable time contemplating: I do not believe that encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle promotes “fat” people to be dissatisfied with themselves as a person.  If you are fat, overweight, heavy, big boned, whatever designation you choose…you need to live a healthier lifestyle because excessive fat on the human body increases the risk of serious, and sometimes, deadly health conditions.  This is a medical fact!  

I was accused of being a “fat” basher in a recent email and I take exception to that accusation!  I focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle which includes, but is not limited to, quitting smoking, exercising, burning fat, over-coming eating disorders, consuming quality fresh fruits and vegetables, not over consuming alcohol, etc.  It is a fact that obesity is an epidemic in the United States AND it is a fact that the majority of the obesity is a result of consuming low quality foods high in caloric value and bad fats, with a very small percentage attributed to real medical conditions.  I will not back down on my mission to help people change their lives through a debt-free, healthy, dream chasing lifestyle.

If you choose to eat terrible foods in high volumes then I guess that is your prerogative.  But, be sure to be honest with yourself.  And if wanting more people to live longer, healthier lives makes me a “fat basher,” then so be it.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for doing!

I sign my name to this mission.  I will not relent, I will not compromise,



33 thoughts on “My Healthy Living Update

  1. Congrats Danny on working hard and reaping the benefits… all of them. I agree with you, by the way. You are not bashing… you are promoting health.

    1. It was a strange accusation, but I try to never simply dismiss an opinion without thinking about it. Eventually I came to my conclusion and stand by it. Thank you for the confirmation.

  2. Who in their wrong mind would accuse you of fat bashing? You are the most POSITIVE and encouraging person I have encountered in YEARS! And you do it all for free! I adore you! I showed my hubby all of your pics and told him we WILL have to meet you and your gorgeous gal in person sometime!

    1. Well thank you. I appreciate the kind words! I was a little taken with the email also, but am getting use to a variety of opinions I receive! Some are quite humerous. My favorites are the government conspiracy nuts and alien conspiracy theorist. I guess I am a crazy people magnet online as well as in “real” life!

  3. Wow! Great results Danny! I need to take a look at your map as I need to drop a few added pounds after the marriage…. Thanks for the motivation to keep on moving and living a healthier lifestyle!

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