Holy TV Watching Batman!

Okay potatoes you will not believe the stats on watching television in the U.S.!!!!  I knew television was popular, but 15 years of our lives?!  And people tell me daily that they don’t have enough time for this, that or the other.  It is time to get off the couch and get moving!  If you are unhappy, then you must change your action and find something to DO that will inject a little joy.  Or just keep sitting on your couch and continue to be bitter, sour and joyless.  Your choice sourpuss. 

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15 thoughts on “Holy TV Watching Batman!

  1. I record big bang and watch it when I have time. That is all the TV I watch. 30 minutes a week.I’d rather be out surf, swimming, playing vball, bball, fball, soccer anything honea5ly.

    Life is a full contact sport and not meant to be watched. Get out and get in the game.

    1. I only have basic cable for the occasional weekend sporting event. How about 15 years if you live into your 70’s!!!!????? And people really tell me they dont have any time!!

  2. At least I’m honest about it – “I don’t have time to do that because I’m busy binge-watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix” 🙂
    I have tried to get out and about more recently with my camera and finally owning my own house has forced me out to do the gardening and whatnot so maybe there’s hope for me yet.

  3. I actually spend more time in front of the computer than a TV. That along with some other activities that come along. This is my way of having fun and joy and I respect yours

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