Slow Down and Enjoy Life

Stop and smell the roses!  Many times in life we become so wrapped up in hustling to get things done that we don’t take time to enjoy the world around us!  I am very guilty of this sometimes.  We must remind ourselves that experiences are very important and sometimes the most important experiences are when we sit still. 

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18 thoughts on “Slow Down and Enjoy Life

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    Yeah,fuq you and your post. #DUK

    Did U Know, duh, we may not be able to have the #WinterMusicConference in Miami Beach in like 2020?¿

    Seriously, get off the fuqin drugs and wake the Fuq up. THIS is ONLY relevant for those elderly or disabled in some way that makes them, like you, someone who is in the way in an emergency. This is excellent advice, stay home and do nothing. Everyone else, #OccupyCityHall #StopTPP #Fuqafukushima #SaveMiamiBeach #BringTheArmyCorpHome

  2. I agree with all but one point. It relaxes me to drive fast on the highway because I find this safe and relaxing, My car is a sports car and part of the pleasure is to feel the road and relative speed. If I went slower it wold actually cause me more stress. But that is just me.

    However, I cannot agree more with being in the moment and putting down our damn smartphones!

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