Lend A Helping Hand

All too often we get wrapped up in ourselves, how we feel, what we are doing, that we neglect strangers around us.  If you are solely focused on #1 you are robbing yourself of joyful opportunities in the form of helping others.  Learn to help others before yourself and it just might yield an unexpected boost of happiness!   Check out the article I found on the subject and then comeback in the morning to read my post on Helping Others To Help Yourself:

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14 thoughts on “Lend A Helping Hand

  1. I love how you are such a kindred spirit when it comes to concerning yourself with the happiness of others in the world. I am forever doing random things to bring smiles to people I don’t know, and it is merely to bring a bit of joy into their day, and by that, it adds some to mine. I studied altruism extensively in Psychology… the popular belief is that there is no such thing as pure, unadulterated altruism. I beg to differ. I think that you sir, just in this blog that you write, that seemingly brings you no personal benefit is a prime example of true altruism. I salute you.

      1. I had a troll reblog one of my posts and told me to eff off about 10 times. I laughed and remembered your comment about being called a “fat basher!” Lol. I guess posting in an open forum allows for a few bad apples.

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