How To Get Organized

Organization is crucial to my life.  I am a believer that everything has its place and should be returned to its’ home after being used.  This helps me in many ways one is that I always know where things are.  It makes task completion go much smoother! 

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17 thoughts on “How To Get Organized

  1. When a guy interviewed to be the new boss, he was asked “Are you organized?” His response was “No, but I work well with organized people.” I soon discovered that meant I was doing my work…….and his!!

      1. I have overcome procrastination in the last few years. I used a daily to do list and a “do everything right now” attitude. Thanks for the comments!

    1. I make the bed first thing immediately every morning. I read about keystone habits and how one action committed repetitively will snowball. And it works.

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