Random Thoughts:

My random thoughts on a Monday:

-Evelina and I are planning to get away to the shore in a couple weeks or so.  My favorite things to do are: visit the USS Wilmington museum, shop at Southport, NC, take the ferry to Ft Fisher, eat lunch at Boulineau’s in Cherry Grove, relax on the beach and spend time with my wife.  (These locations are near Myrtle Beach, SC for those not from the U.S.)
-One very nice benefit of being married to a Polish woman is homemade goulash!   I am eating it right now!

-I am amazed at the growth of my blog.  800+ followers since April 26!  I can barely keep up with the notifications and comments, which is a great issue to deal with!!

-I am disappointed that the Red Sox are struggling so much thus far.  But it is only May and there is plenty of time to rectify their pitching woes.
-I love jasmine rice

-It is already very hot in the south U.S., high 80’s/low 90’s, and the heat is already taking its toll on my body.  Fatigue is the most difficult symptom of MS

-My dog Bentley desperately needs a bath! 

-I have started to carry stress around with me again.  Time to refocus on my To-Do list!!

-I weighed in today at 172.4 pounds, down 19.6 lbs since December 1st!!  Very proud and feeling great!  Anyone can eat better and change their life!

-I am very excited about going to the beach house!!

-I appreciate everyone who reads my posts and have a question for my fellower bloggers.  How can I end a day with 350 views, 140 visitors and 425 likes?  I guess people just click LIKE and never read or even visit?  Why do this?

-I hope everyone is having a great day!!
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37 thoughts on “Random Thoughts:

      1. I am learning a lot as a new blogger. And I always read posts before I like but some simply cruise through and like everything. I guess to get their name to show up in notifications? Thank you for the comment!

  1. Huh, I have no idea why people are so “like” happy. I limit the number of blogs that I “follow” simply because I don’t have time to read through nonsense. I want to actually CONNECT with people, and get to know them in the blogging world. I know how awful heat is for MS. Having one of my best friends who struggles with it, and she lives in New Mexico, I know what a bear it can be. Not fun. Go cool off in the water! Enjoy your beach house! Goulash sounds delicious. My own health problems are making it hard for me to eat anything right now, and I am SOOO hungry. Eat some of that food for me lol.

      1. Haha! Well good then! It must’ve been delicious! I live for the beach and I am headed there myself on Thursday. I hope that storm last week didn’t muck things up along your coast too much.

  2. I wonder if the “like” vs. “view” thing has to do with whether or not readers see it through their emails and perhaps don’t read the whole thing, but the excerpt they have read they enjoyed? Perhaps the likes are meant as encouragement to keep on writing even if they didn’t have time to read the whole post? Just hypothesizing. Generally if I “like” something it means I’ve read it and found it interesting or well written.

    As for the beach, I’m right there with you! I’ve been daydreaming about my vacation off and on for the past week or so. My husband and I go to Rehoboth. There’s just something about the Delaware coast and bay area that I love so dearly. I love that we can walk almost everywhere downtown and find amazing food. I love driving down the coast to the place we rent kayaks from and going out into the bay. I love all of the state parks and the wonderful nature programs they have. Sometimes we take a day trip down to Assateague Island to see the wild horses and birdwatch.

    Just need to finish up my school year.

  3. You are right the home made gulash with a hot small peper is the best. I always read then like, for me it is like to put your signature on something that you read. Enjoy your beach time. All the best to you.

  4. I read the post and like them. I don’t comment unless I have something to say. The latter is me in real time too. My Grandma use to tell me to listen instead of talk I might learn something, lol.

  5. I love Cherry Grove, have eaten in Boulineau’s and vacationed in North Myrtle Beach for almost twenty years!!!!
    (I’m from Cornwall, England).
    Haven’t yet visited the USS North Carolina in Wilmington, but it looks very impressive when we have driven by.
    Small world x

  6. My husband feels your pain as a Red Sox addict and I mean addict. If we could have been married at Fenway, he would have done it. He tells me that they usually start out slow!! Ha Ha Cheryl

  7. I don’t know how that works actually. I am not big on statistics. By the way I nominated your for an award. Accept or not, your choice. NO questions to answer.

  8. I wouldn’t worry about the stats thing. It’s never made sense to most bloggers on WordPress. It seems that some bloggers will like as many posts as possible (without reading them), in the hope that other readers will click on their details and go over to their blog.

    The same thing happens with comments. I delete any comments where the reader has simply just left a link to their own blog. WordPress class it as spamming and recommend reporting offenders, but I found that these spammers will normally move on if you don’t interact with them.

    Congratulations on the number of followers. However (and I hate to burst your balloon), you’ll probably find that less than 30% of them will ever interact with you) I’ve never been able to understand anyone following a blog to never ever return to it and like and comment on posts. I’ve heard it said that they are known as “one way bloggers”.

    1. Luckily for me (so far) I receive great comments from several hundred of my followers and it is a full time job keeping up!! the interactions are great and I especially enjoy talking with people from all over the world. So very cool.

      1. My dog still needs a bath. I’ll do it this afternoon(at least try – he doesn’t enjoy them at all) and report back to you!!!

      2. An update – didn’t wash the dogs. Think I am going to take them to the groomer for nail clipping and stuff. The lazy way out but at least it will get done.

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