How To Exercise Without Realizing It

I have found this post about ways to exercise without realizing you are exercising.  I know a few of my readers have expressed a disdain for “working out” so I thought I would find alternatives.  Here’s the truth: you must find ways to stay active, regardless of age, weight or physical aptitude, everyone must get physical exercise.  Next, you must develop a healthy eating lifestyle.  I will preach this till my head pops off!!  Anywho, check out the article and let me know what you think:



Big Dreamer

15 thoughts on “How To Exercise Without Realizing It

  1. Now this is my kind of work out! Doing it without realizing it. LOL. Well, I am a wee bit over weight, but I like my curves and I am healthy! So There! LOL. I’m enjoying the posts here. And Thank You for stopping by my recovery blog.

    I am a Book and Social Media Promoter as well, so stop by my other WP blog to find a good book to read 🙂

    Catherine Lyon, Author 🙂

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  2. I thought the article was “ok” – actually really good and I can see how it inspires -also like the very real truth behind getting active and making it a lifestyle and not 4 hours of stuff we do not like. but I think some people also have to cleanse and repair their metabolism- which goes beyond diet – but truly a good article. thx for linking it

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