Tips For Living A Healthy Lifestyle

I have talked ad nauseam about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.  This might be the best and most concise list that I have read.  Pay special attention to numbers 7-10.  Although I have said this at length, remember that your life will continue to be what it is until you make changes.  It will be difficult at times, but eventually you can reach your goal.  Six months ago I weighed 20 pounds heavier than I do now, but I became resolute in my mind that I had to change my lifestyle and begin eating better types of food.  I eliminated processed foods of any kind, incorporated more fruits and veggies and limited red meat.  Anyone can do it!  There is no medical condition that I am aware of that requires one to eat junk food, processed foods, fast foods, sodas, etc., so stop with the excuses.  Medical conditions have nothing to do with eating the proper types of food in the proper portion sizes!


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