I Want To Issue A Challenge!

I want to issue a challenge to all of my readers to commit to eating one extremely healthy meal each week for one month.  You can write and post a picture if you have your own blog or you can post pictures and comments on your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.  This, obviously, is completely voluntary, but I think it is a great way to encourage each of us to spend time thinking about our health and then taking action.  I plan to write a post about my meal prep and the final product on Wednesday mornings about my dinner on the previous Tuesday night.

By healthy I mean: lean proteins like fish, chicken, turkey or bison.  Fresh veggies like broccoli, asparagus, peppers, onions, etc.  (personally I do not eat corn, although I love it, because it is full of sugar and has very little nutritional value).  If you eat a carbohydrate make sure to research the best to eat.  For me I prefer some form of wheat rice or plain baked potato.  Not all carbohydrates are created equal, so be careful.  If you choose to make a salad, please be sure to take it light on the dressing.

If you are not familiar with preparing a truly healthy meal, then go to Skinny Taste, http://www.skinnytaste.com/, for great ideas.  The most important thing that I did when learning to live a healthy life was to completely retrain my mind about eating.  I acted as if I knew nothing and relied 100% on Skinny Taste…it worked for me so maybe worth a try.




Anyway, if you would like to join our “support group” just comment and then take action by posting a meal.  Be sure to get involved with the entire process and document why you choose the particular items, where you bought your foods, how you prepared each, how it tasted and how the experience made you feel.  The more you invest yourself in the process the more meaningful the experience will be!

Remember, just one meal per week for four weeks.  That’s the extent of your commitment!

I really think this is going to be fun and I look forward to seeing your posts via WordPress, Facebook and Twitter!


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22 thoughts on “I Want To Issue A Challenge!

  1. I actually eat that way for every meal. For me, it is do or die. I allow myself one cheat meal per month. Then I am filled with remorse and sitting on the pot for the ensuing 24 hours and shaking my head and wondering why I thought it was a good idea to eat some pizza! Haha! Oh well…

    Excellent challenge tho! I wish everyone the best of luck!

    1. I am similar. Yesterday I was out and about and failed to pack food. The only thing around was a McD’s which goes against everything in my soul, but I ate it. It made my body feel awful and I decided then and there that I will not eat it again.

      1. Feel u. Once in a blue moon, fish sandwich, to remind me of less corrupt (or perhaps just my more innocent) days. Then i skip the next several blue moons rememberibg how i felt.

  2. very inspiring post. Knowing myself cannot commit to four weeks, yet this is what I have had for lunch today: green lentil and cucumber salad with a dash of savoury and olive oil 🙂

      1. :))) Yes Sir! I should have written more clear; I constantly try to eat healthy whenever I can (especially salad or vegetable dishes). what I cannot commit is to record it here with pictures etc. :))

  3. Wow. Thank you. I didn’t realize how bad it is, that this should be a challenge and not the norm. I feel like I’m really isolated, thanks for doing this! #MAM2015

  4. Bison! Wow; that’s not something I’ll find in the local supermarket. We get lots of farmed venison though, and I guess that’s similar. Years ago I read Michel Pollan’s book ‘In Defense of Food’, which changed not so much what I eat, but how I think about food. The lines that probably made the most impact on me were “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants” and “The human animal is adapted to, and apparently can thrive on, an extraordinary range of different diets, but the Western diet, however you define it, does not seem to be one of them. ” Enjoying your blog!

  5. I almost always eat this way, although I do use ground beef at times, because it’s inexpensive and I have a lot of mouths to feed!

    We eat almost no packaged food. I cook from scratch at least twice a day. We try to eat a rainbow of produce daily, and although we often fall short, it’s a good way to be mindful. We eat vegetarian meals sometimes 1/3 of the week.

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis in my 20s. I have scoliosis and some other health issues. I began transforming my diet after my diagnoses. This last year has been the healthiest for me. Normally, I can barely make it through winter because of my symptoms. This winter, I didn’t have ONE fibro flare. That’s how I know that what we eat makes or breaks our health!

    Stick with your healthy eating! I have several recipes on my blog, feel free to check them out =)

  6. Great encouragement for those who want start eating healthy. For the last year and a half I’ve been eating well and couldn’t be happier! Cheers 😀

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