Sneak In A Few Veggies

Not everyone likes veggies, hard for me to understand, but true nonetheless.  If you find yourself not eating enough vegetables because you hate them, try a few of these “tricks” to hide the taste while getting the nutritional benefits for your body.


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20 thoughts on “Sneak In A Few Veggies

  1. Sorry that article did nothing to tickle my vegetable tastebuds. I like very few vegetables and adding to my favorite foods would ruin my food for me. Thank heavens I am not a vegetarian. I would starve. 🙂

      1. I have at least one of my snacks as a Boost Glucose Control replacement meal which has nutrients and my favorite veggies (potatoes, corn and tomatoes are high carb so have to be careful with them). I will eat asparagus, spinach, lima beans, lettuce if I have too, cabbage (red and regular), carrots, cucumbers and radishes. Oh and onions raw.

      2. All of those seem fine. Especially asparagus, spinach and cucumbers. Eat lots of those! They will make you feel better after 6 months or so. Or at least it has for everyone I know that have started a healthy lifestyle.

  2. We grow most of our own veggies, so we definitely love veggies (our kids do, too), but I agree with controversialcook that a lot of the problem lies with people not knowing how to cook/prep veggies well so kids learn from a young age that veggies taste bad.

  3. In the end it comes down to what do you want to accomplish. Healthy, beauty, and quality of life or weight gain, diabetes, cancer, or living your last unable to hold your own bladder.

    That is how a life with veggies and a life without looks. If a person does not like veggies get them for what they do not what they taste like.

    At least that is my take on it. A green smoothie and or supplements are loaded with nutrients, minimize the taste, and compliment as person that is constantly moving.

    Clifford T Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

    1. I try to explain this fact to people but they do not listen. So many of us have a “it will never happen to me” attitude. Unfortunately, this is not the case with neglect. Bad health will catch up eventually.

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