Memorial Day

I took some time Sunday morning to think about the opportunities that I have in the United States.  Many men and women lost their lives defending our way of life and borders and that reality hit home.  On this Memorial Day, I am thankful for those that were willing to stand in the way of a bullet, landmine, grenade, etc. for me. Some young man or woman died alone, lying in a field or desert somewhere in this world so that I could make the most of my life and experience true freedom. That makes me sad, but appreciative. Thank you to all that died for my freedom.


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15 thoughts on “Memorial Day

    1. I must admit that each year I do take a moment, but have never truly spent time thinking about the ultimate sacrifice made by our men and women. I did that this year and it made me very sad thinking about my success being built on their lives. But now I am motivated to not disappoint those that have died.

  1. When the wars impact us in a personal way, we may be more in tune to remembrances on the days set aside to do so. But anyone owes it to the service for us that so many young me gave.

  2. When we came back, many of us felt the calling to do something special– to live life’s adventure with courage and gusto. Making our lives an art form and living it to the fullest, was a way of honoring our comrades we had left behind. In this way they would never be forgotten. Great post.

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