90% of Americans Think They Eat a Healthy Diet

I have investigated the obesity epidemic for about 4 months now and this fact continues to perplex me: about 70% of Americans are classified as over-weight, but 90% believe they eat a somewhat healthy diet.   I have no words to describe the frustration I experience when someone is talking to me about how great they eat while it is obvious that they do not.  This disconnect is why millions of Americans die each year from heart disease, strokes, heart attacks, etc.  Folks, please be honest with yourself and make a change before it is too late and you drop dead.  1 out of 3 women will experience problems related to heart disease.  It is time for a lifestyle change!


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A whopping 90 percent of Americans think they eat a healthy diet


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26 thoughts on “90% of Americans Think They Eat a Healthy Diet

  1. I was in the US for the month of December and was shocked by most of the menus—deep-fried this, battered that, huge portions. I found it a challenge to order interesting and healthy food.

      1. I got around the waste by sharing meals. Three of us would share two dishes. Given that I was only one, it limited my say in the choices.

      2. My friend is from Middlesbrough and had the same reaction when he came to the States from England. He said “no wonder all you yanks are fat and chubby!” He said the servings are over double what he sees in Europe! Embarrassing for the US people, we are gluttonous.

  2. I wrote several papers on the American obesity epidemic while I was in college. If you go into poorer neighborhoods, the availability of fresh healthy food is abysmal. Unfortunately it’s easier to eat unhealthy food when healthy food isn’t readily available. Think about the last time you were in a suburban style grocery store in the inner city. Most poor folks are buying their food from mini marts. It’s actually quite sad.

    1. I am glad you said this as I have been formulating a post on being honest with the person in the mirror. I agree with you that many people learn to lie to themselves through justification and then fabricate “reasonable” excuses to justify their self-lying! THanks for the comment!

  3. I’ve never been to America but listening to the friends who have, I doubt I’d even be able to finish off a “small” portion of the food they were served.
    Not that the term “Do you want to super size that?” is confined to the US, of course!

  4. It is true that the servings are huge in America. Europeans love to remind me of this and mention how Americans eat fast food so often. I have to defend the U.S. and Canada a bit and say, “Really? Check out your nearest McDonald’s! It is PACKED with natives ..no Americans or Canadians!” The Spanish often mention how great their diet is, which is true, but less and less people cook and prefer to eat out. I think that eating healthily or maintaining a healthy lifestyle begins by changing the way people think!

  5. I was a mess twelve years ago and then went on a diet. No salt, little sugar, no pasta, no soda and little meat. I lost ninety pounds. I am basically a veggie person at seventy. I do eat tuna and salmon, cod, talapia, and other fish. I stay away from scallops, oysters and shellfish. Like you said it is a life style.

  6. I wonder what your study considered. Genetics, health condition, lifestyle, heredity, medications taken… anything else? Are you aware that some medications cause weight gain? Or some chromosomal disorders? Certain conditions that you won’t be able to observe while your study subjects won’t share. Some medications can cause strokes & heart attacks.

    Your conclusions are based on the Qs & As about diet that is highly subjective.

    1. I can understand your thoughts here if you have not read and understand my complete lifestyle premise. All of my comments that pertain to obesity exclude conditions related to medical conditions, but I am not going to say that every time I post. I have stated that previously in approx. 50 posts. And with those medical conditions excluded, the US has an obesity epidemic. I am fully aware of weight gain due to medications as I have battled MS for my healthy each day for the last 8 years.

    2. I do not intend to come across as argumentative, but did you read the article? You are aware that these conclusions are not mine but the author of the article, correct? My confusion is in you stating “Your conclusions…” when in fact I have only conducted my own personal research as it relates to the FDA’s statistics concerning obesity. If you did not read the article then I understand your confusion.

  7. I think a common misconception is calories in vs calories out. People assume because they take in a certain amount of calories they are eating “Healthy”. In actuality they are eating empty calories, causing their bodies to go into starvation mode, and store more fat. Fad diets are not helping either but serve only to contribute to more rapid weight gain. I see a whole foods movement happening at the moment though, so people like myself are wising up.

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