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As you might have read in my Sunday post, I Want To Issue A Challenge, I issued a challenge to eat one healthy meal per week for four weeks.  Prepare a healthy meal and post a photo with a post talking about the meal.  I have already seen approximately 30 posts between Facebook, Twitter and WordPress, which I thought was great considering it is only Wednesday!

Evelina had the idea for our meal to be chicken fajitas made in the slow cooker!  So she used onion, red and orange peppers, chicken, chili powder, peppers to simmer in the cooker.  We love using the slow cooker because it is like Ronco’s Rotisserie Cooker…set it and forget it!  Does anyone remember that advertising campaign?

She chose to use regular wraps versus the usual carb-free version, but I am not exactly sure why.  The biggest difference, other than carbs, is 190 calories per wrap for the regular versus 85 for low carb.  For those that have not followed for long, I use a common sense approach to eating.  I focus to eat healthier type foods 80% of the time while not breaking the health bank the remaining 20%.

Our meal calorie total with one wrap and a cup of chicken fajita was around 330, which is perfectly in my range.  These are the types of meals that we eat and have resulted in me losing over 20 lbs. in 6 months!

Remember: if you want to change your life, you must first change your mind!

If you should decide to take up the challenge, then simply prepare a healthy meal and post it on Facebook, Twitter or WordPress once per week for four weeks.  Simple and easy!


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    1. Well then I will look forward to seeing your post! It really is a good thing for people to at least consider creating one healthy meal instead of packaged crap food. thank you for your thoughts!

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