Waste That Could Be Spent On Healthy Eating!!

“People these days just don’t have time or money to eat healthy.  Healthy food is so much more expensive that “junk” food and it takes a lot more time that people simply do not have.”  I received this type of message about 20 times yesterday in regards to my post Fast Food FYI.  So I thought I would do a little research to counter this argument…an argument that I find utterly absurd and a bit excusey makey.  Yes I just made up both of those words.

Remember my post Holy TV Batman?  In that I revealed that the average American that lives to the age of 70 will have spent 15 years of his/her life in front of the television.  I find this statistic very embarrassing AND the most effective argument any time someone tells me they do not have time.  I look up, roll my eyes and state “Donald Trump is not as busy as you pretend to be!”

Now, on to the “eating healthy is simply too expensive” part of the two-headed excuse monster.  If you wanted to eat healthy, I mean truly wanted to, then cancel your cable television.  Problem solved!  Oh, what is that I hear you saying?  “I can’t cancel cable, what else will I do with myself?”

Here are some cost cutting ways you can eliminate the excuses and create extra money to start eating healthy:

image credit: sparkpeople.com
image credit: sparkpeople.com




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17 thoughts on “Waste That Could Be Spent On Healthy Eating!!

  1. Years ago, my husband and I calculated that for the price of a fast food burger meal, we could bake potatoes (preferably sweet potatoes), grill steaks and have a lovely garden salad with ice tea. In fact, you just learned our lunch menu for today 😉

  2. While I agree with your post, I have to wonder about the accuracy and research behind that image. Are those prices a national average? From what year? Because $2 each, for a gallon of milk and 2lbs of chicken is something I find unbelievable. And $0.98 for a lb of peaches? Those prices seem to very low.

    That being said, you are right – junk food is not cheaper in the long run then healthy food. While $1 can get you a burger from most fast food places, maybe $3-4 is you include fires and a soft drink – it’s only one meal. You can take that $3-4 and by several pounds of chicken or meat and that can be stretched to make multiple meals.

    1. I believe the prices might be a bit outdated. I must say I didn’t see the finer print of prices until after I posted. With that said, I buy milk at Aldi for $2 and often buy chicken by the pound for near $2 if you find the deals butchers need to sell quickly. The other prices are somewhat outdated, but you get the point.

    1. Robert…I try to get people to understand and get push back. I am amazed at the number of people that cram their faces with crap food and could not care less about the long-term affects. perplexing to say the least, but I will not be deterred!!

      1. It really does promote peace of mind to understand that we can’t change anything by ourselves. It takes thousands of people doing a little something every day to make big changes.

        Consider that 50 years ago Gay men were still being blackmailed and sent to prison.

        The question of their right to marry would never have been considered by the SCOTUS.

        It took 50 years of individual GLBT people stepping out and talking openely about their lives to get us here.

        Harvey Milk was important.

        But without all of the anonymous men and women who risked ridicule and beatings there would have been no Gay Rights Movement.

        Matthew Shepard also gave his live for the cause of gay rights and gay liberation.

        What I’ve said about Gay Rights is true of every other movement.

        Social Change requires a community of change agents.

  3. I remember my grandmother used to express surprise that families these days couldn’t survive on today’s wages. She said that people had forgotten how to buy simple ingredients and make the food go a long way. For the same price for a takeaway meal, you could buy ingredients to make good food that would last a couple of days!

    1. People claim to be too busy, but then spend hours in front of the tele! We like to tell ourselves we are busy to feel productive. We are simply unorganized and waste our time on trivial things. Thank you for your comments and thoughts!

  4. Thank you! I get tired of people telling me they can’t afford to eat healthy food. I say “not if you buy fruit, vegetables, AND oreos!” Processed foods fill us up far less than whole foods. In just a short time, you’ll be hungry again, because quick carbs digest quickly and leave our bodies unsatisfied. I wrote a post about this recently.

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