You Have The Power of Choice

I talk a lot about how much power you have in determining your future and changing your life, but do you truly believe these facts?  You have the choice to go outside and walk instead of sitting on the couch.  You have the choice of developing a debt payoff plan versus ignoring the problem and fretting over stressful and restrictive debt.  You have the choice of eating an apple instead of grabbing a Little Debbie.  You have the choice.

You are the source of your problems and you are the answer to your problem.  Your life will continue to be what it is until that moment when you realize YOU are the solution.  But you must transform your thinking.  The same thinking that created the problems will not be the thinking that fixes them.


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18 thoughts on “You Have The Power of Choice

    1. A wise man once told me that as an employee of a company I held all the power…I had the choice to quit any time I wanted. choice is power!! Thank you for stopping by!

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