My Thank You To My Readers

I want to say a personal “thank you” to everyone that drops by and reads what I write and scans the articles I share.  It means the world to me and I am appreciative at the amazing growth the Dream Big community is experiencing!  In the last month we have grown by 1200+ followers to over 2,000 total readers!

We are read in 89 countries and growing by the day with over 600 views and hundreds of visitors each day.  Comments, emails and inbox messages pile up quickly and I will continue to read and answer each one personally, although it may take a couple of days, please don’t think I am ignoring you.


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To put this all in perspective, when I started writing in November 2014, Dream Big would receive about 150 views per month!  Now 600 per day!  My current projections have Dream Big receiving approximately 25,000 views for the month of June which I find humbling and inconceivable… it is all because of YOU!!  It is so exciting!!

I hope everyone has an amazing Friday in whatever amazing country you live.  Where ever you live in this incredible world I am grateful for you and I hope you continue to Dream Big, Dream Often!


Danny (Big Dreamer)




39 thoughts on “My Thank You To My Readers

  1. Good luck Danny! Years ago i saw an interview with comedian George Lopez. He was talking about kids not being encouraged to dream. Something he said stuck with me — “Don’t just dream big — Dream even bigger!”
    There are no limits — dream HUGE.
    To quote Bob Proctor — “If you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hands.” Dream HUGE! Mega-hugs. 😀

  2. This is really exciting. I love your blog! I can only hope to reach such numbers one day and spread more awareness about chronic illness. Thank you for following and reading. I am flattered! XX

  3. What’s your secret? Lol

    Congrats! I hope my blog eventually does so well, although I don’t have nearly enough time to devote to getting mine off the ground. For now, I just enjoy writing!

      1. I figured you put a lot of time and effort into your blog, it shows!

        I am a stay at home mom to 4 kids, including 2 under 2 years old. And my husband is a trucker, so he’s gone most of the time. I have maybe 4 hours a week to devote to anything besides them lol

        I started my blog 7 months ago and just hit 73 followers. I’m pretty pleased with that =)

      2. I think the great accomplishment is keeping your sanity while tending to the needs of 4 children!!! That is your Spectacular!! lol You are a trooper!

      3. Sanity? I lost that long ago… haha

        Honestly, I’m just very blessed. And I greatly enjoy the convenience of my smart phone. It gives me the ability to work on posts in between caring for my house and children!

        Writing is just a fun pastime at this point. Perhaps one day it’ll turn into something bigger. But there’s plenty of time for that when my children are grown.

      4. You have your priorities in order, which is very very important! I want to say a heart felt thank you for taking a little of your rare free time to read my page. It means a lot!!

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