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Keeping with our theme of inspiration, I thought I would share some images I came across today.  I love reading and thinking about outer space: travel, sci-fi, astronauts!  See my post, Space: The Final Frontier!  I find space to be completely mesmerizing and thought you would enjoy these images!


Big Dreamer


17 thoughts on “Images to Inspire

  1. I’ve been in love with sci-fi since watching Star Trek in the 60s and in love with astronomy since my high school days (Carl Sagan’s Cosmos could not have been more opportune, debuting in my high school years). It was only natural that I write science fiction as an adult. 😉

    I love astrophotography, too, though it’s something I have never tried to do myself, so thank you for sharing!

    1. Smiley1011…thank you so much for your nomination!! I appreciate you thinking of me when putting together your list! I will put together a post in a few days!

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