I Want To Change, But I Don’t Want To Change

I am a creature of habit, as doing the same routine over and over keeps me focused on my long-term goals.  And this is okay if the routines are producing and leading one to goal attainment.  Meaning they are working.  If they are not productive, but are simply being adhered to for the sake of the routine, then there is a problem.  So be very cognizant of why you are following particular patterns.

When faced with the challenge of changing habits to change one’s life, many resist.  And it is resistance that can keep you from achieving your goals and living the life you see in your mind’s eye.  It is resistance that will keep you wishing for your life change.  Only when you become a WILLING participant will things change for you.  I have posted about this in the past, click HERE for my thoughts.

Here’s another perspective:


image credit: simpleprogrammer.com
image credit: simpleprogrammer.com




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11 thoughts on “I Want To Change, But I Don’t Want To Change

  1. I have some similar views, I loke the change, its refreshing but when time for change comes, I hesitate.

    I liked your blog’s name ‘dream big, dream often’ hope to be enjoying your more posts.

    Thanks for adding me to your blogging community:)

    1. I am happy you stopped by and gave my post a read! I think many of us hesitate, but it is resistance that we must resist! lol My hope for you is to have the greatest day ever!!

  2. How true! How many times have I been faced with friends telling me they *genuinely* wanted change but once I’d taken the time to listen and advice, they would basically carry on as they did before – hence they didn’t really want change, just a shoulder to cry on.
    If you’re not truly willing to change things then it’s never going to happen – just saying it out loud isn’t enough. You need the willpower to do it too.

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