Only Crazy People Talk To Themselves…Or Maybe Not!

Okay, I admit it.  I talk to myself!  And I do this often to focalize thoughts or to work through problems.  I will not say I thought I was crazy, but I will say that I have noticed that not everyone participates in my self-talk strategy.  But that does not surprise me as I have rarely been accused of being conventional!

Turns out that talking to yourself has some great benefits!  I must believe that talking to yourself as a method of coping or therapy is much better than negative self-talk, right?   Click the link and read all about it:


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54 thoughts on “Only Crazy People Talk To Themselves…Or Maybe Not!

  1. I talk to myself all the time. Like you said, it helps me think my way through problems and stay focused on what I’m trying to accomplish. Sometimes I argue with myself or use this method to help me argue a point I need to make to someone else.

  2. I do it too.. And since I have started writing, I would think like I am writing it. it’s weird. Sometimes I wish a device should read my mind and make a post, at least a draft one 😉

      1. Unfortunately, i am not an expert as I present myself to be, lol. You write ups are very relatable and I enjoy them. Hope I get more time to read your previous work as well.

  3. I always talk to myself. In fact I talk to myself more than I talk to anybody else, especially because I live in London where people don’t communicate verbally except by saying “how are you?” and away they go without waiting for your reply. Anyway talking to oneself is an art called monologue very useful to actors and public speakers. I have to practice it before I talk to or to teach to a group of people. Besides if one doesn’t talk to oneself and hear to one is saying one doesn’t know how one sounds. Talking to oneself is an excellent therapy as long as one is aware that is doing it. When one is not then it means that there is a problem.

  4. I have experienced many benefits to talking to myself when I need to in specific moments. Controlling negative self-talk is a big one, but also to tell the part of my brain with shadows that I’m tired of them haunting me and all is okay. New beginnings. It’s relentless and hard work at times, but it’s worth the peace.

    1. Olga…thank you for your honest comment. Negative self-talk is tough to battle, almost like a full-time job for some. It makes me happy to know that you are finding peace!

  5. Even the test pilot who broke the sound barrier, Chuck Yeager, talked to himself. In fact he hired a man to coach him through his test flight because he was claustrophobic and the instructor taught him to tell himself that he can do it and it would all be okay.

    Clifford T Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

  6. Well I have mental conversations with myself all the time but I sometimes talk aloud too whenever I feel like it.. I don’t think this is a sign of narcissism.. I trust my own opinion and have confidence in my own judgements 🙂

  7. Happy to see that there are a lot of other people who talk to themselves. I had this habit right from childhood, and it has helped me sorting out difficult situations at work or home.

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