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From my experience in life I can testify to the fact that those that progressed, advanced, succeeded, etc. were those that did not act like they knew everything.  As a matter of fact, they were the single most annoying person to be around.   I have spent considerable amount of time in deep contemplation about this topic lately and have come to a conclusion: acting like you have life all figured out and you do not need nor ask for help or advice is a treacherous row to hoe.

It wreaks of arrogance and conceit and is NOT confidence in any form, shape or fashion!!!  Let me repeat myself…acting like you have life all figured out and that you do not need anyone’s help is not confidence!  Practice humility and seek out those with more experience.

This article talks about why not having everything completely figured out is okay!


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  1. Reblogged this on CELONA'S BLOG and commented:
    Too instructive to ignore..
    Thanks for sharing…
    I relate with this a 100..
    Life is about more ‘ears’ than ‘mouth’
    Listen more, than you speak…
    Life is completely about what you have leant, than what you have thought..

      1. I had no idea that Jason OM had shut his page down when you said your comment earlier. I just found out. Sad day for me and others that he helped.

  2. You’re right, Danny. For example, one of the things that makes me successful as a mother is that I have much to learn from my children. From the time my first was born over 20 years and I learned from her how to meet the needs of a baby until now when my sons teach me about baseball and current culture, I’m open to learning. Plus, having children taught me that there’s always more to learn. Thank goodness!

    1. You bring up a great point that I am going to include, which is, being open-minded! I remind myself of this occasionally, but it is easy to get off target and become bottled up. Great point!

      1. Thank you! And I agree. As I grow older I am growing wiser, I am more experienced, I have had more time to become clear about what I value. Yet, that’s not the same thing as closing my mind to options, new things, or opinions of others. How dreadful to do so!

      2. I think some people become close minded because they believe their way or knowledge is sufficient or better than. It is not a very humble way to live life. And it limits experiences.

  3. Being in a constant state of learning is another difficult road to hoe. People tend to pick the opposite of whatever you say just at the odd chance of knowing something that is new.

    It is best balanced with golden silence and polite interest in whatever the other is saying.

    Clifford T Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

  4. Yes, humility is so important! If you can keep that state of being in the forefront of your mind each day, it acts like a pendulum and can help swing you back where you need to be! At least that’s what I try to do every day in my own imperfect life. Hope you are doing okay 🙂

    1. Nurse Kelly…Humility is very very difficult to practice for so and very natural for others. I have noticed that humility is one of those traits that you either have or not. Tough to fake! And I hope you are having a great day!!

      1. I agree with you that it is tough to fake, but I don’t agree about having it or not – I’ve seen it develop many times in otherwise non-humble people through life events – especially with respect to illness. And even without a life event that could trigger it unwillingly in a person, it can be developed with patience and awareness of your own actions – difficult yes, but possible. 🙂

      2. I guess I should have been more clear. I didn’t mean to infer that it could not be developed, more than when it is faked it is obvious. With that said, I agree with you 100%. Difficult, but possible!

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