Amazing Rides!

I love rollercoasters for all the obvious reasons: thrills, chills and adrenaline!  These monstrosities were definitely built by Dreamers that viewed nothing impossible as it related to creating pulse-pounding, high-riding, thrill rides.  I wanted to mix today’s images up a bit and thought what better way than the RoLlErCoAsTeR!!!!  Click the link and keep all hands and arms inside the ride till it comes to a complete stop!!


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Big Dreamer


24 thoughts on “Amazing Rides!

  1. I saw this pick and my stomach tightened up. That is a big coaster.

    It is like that mountain of a personal image that seem impossible to attain. However, with each click closer to the top it is like those first few pounds. Then off to the races.

    Clifford T Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
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