A Couple Thoughts For Saturday

Two thoughts have been on my mind this beautiful Carolina Saturday morning:


When did you stop believing anything was possible?  We read quotes like “only those that see anything as possible can achieve greatness” or “some see the problems, others see the possibilities.”  And those things are true, but when did you stop believing?  Was it recently?  Was it long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away?   I think it is sad that so many don’t believe anything is possible.

To the Neanderthal skyscrapers would have been inconceivable; an impossibility.  When you say in your mind that something is impossible,  you are categorizing the world into two divisions: those things that are possible and other things that are impossible.  You are limiting your mind, your world-view and your chances for incredible achievement!!  Why you say?  Once you have deemed something impossible there is no reason for your mind to spend time questioning the possibilities so the thought is discarded to make room for more fruitful, “realistic” endeavors.

Remember these facts: there was a time when man did not fly in airplanes or drive in cars or work in skyscrapers or use the internet or use washing machines or communicate via Skype or carry mobile phones or listen to digital music or fly into space or send robots to Mars…don’t let the world kill your imagination.

Oh…if your answer to my question was “I haven’t stopped believing,” then I say it’s time to start acting like it!


image credit: oilersaddict.com
image credit: oilersaddict.com



I love my 6-step plan as it has led me to success and makes achieving goals very systematic.  I like systematic!  But the plan is only a vessel, an outline, a road map.  What really allows one to achieve goals?  And what lacks when one fails and then quits?  One word: desire!

In order to succeed at any endeavor you must possess one thing and one thing only: an unquenchable, unrelenting desire to have what you have set your eyes and mind upon!  It is desire that will pull you through the tough times.  It is desire that will speak into your ear and whisper “keep on going.”  And it is only desire that will have you lifting the trophy at the end of the race.

Others will say “quit, we’ll understand.”  But it is desire that will say, “don’t be like them, do not quit, you will continue!”  Desire will drag you kicking and screaming to goal achievement…don’t ever lose site of this fact.  You fail because you lack desire!


Big Dreamer




11 thoughts on “A Couple Thoughts For Saturday

  1. I am a dreamer, and sometimes people tell me “Get your head out of the clouds!” and I say “Why – it’s nice up here!” Love the post!!!!!!

    1. Sandra…I could not agree with you more. Positivity yields positivity. Believe and anything is possible. Disbelieve and the world is doomed. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!!

    1. If you have not read Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich, I highly recommend. He talks about having desire in perfect words. Thank you for reading!

  2. When my writing career hit a really rough spot, my wonderful husband thought to ease my pain by saying I didn’t have to finish the book. That comment clarified the whole thing for me and I did finish. After 5 years working on that first book in my trilogy I found the courage to have enough confidence to push forward. I am now living my dream, all the sweeter because of the tough parts along the way.
    Positivity does breed positivity and positively wonderful results! 🙂

    1. Elaine…now that is a great inspirational story!! Desire will drag you to victory!! Thank you so much for sharing your story and I am glad to hear you are living your dream. That makes me happy! Also, thank you for reading!

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