Why You Should View the World Through a Child’s Eye

For those that have followed Dream Big for any time you will know that I promote the practice of seeing the world through child-like vision.  Why?  Because children do not see limits.  You learn to become closed-minded as you grow older and disappointments pile up.  I have talked about this in the past and you can check it out here.   Click the link below:


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25 thoughts on “Why You Should View the World Through a Child’s Eye

  1. I’ve always seen the world through a child’s eye but it’s no good enough and even dangerous. One also needs wisdom and a lot of it so the ideal is to see the world though a child’s eye with the analytical brain of an old wise person.

  2. A big YEP to all of the reasons. This is why I usually can be found with the kids and the family pets at large gatherings. Children are honest and don’t put on airs or pretense and neither to animals. After about 3-4 years old the world takes our children authenticity and replaces it with “society.”

    1. I fight cynicism as well and acting like a kid or watching clouds helps me remember that life is not that bad and not every person is bad! lol

  3. I don’t know about the should of it, but I know about the can of it. Referring to the viewing. Linguistics perhaps,
    Choices and even children make them

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