Tribute To Harsh Reality Blog and Opinionated Man

It is Saturday evening and I just found out that someone that I looked up to in the blogging community has shut his site down and retired.  Jason Cushman was Opinionated Man or OM and operated the Harsh Reality blog, .  What most do not know is he basically launched my site into popularity.  What I know about networking and growing my blog, I learned from Jason’s site.


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WordPress is not a better place now that Opinionated Man has shut down.  My blog life is not better without OM.  I am saddened to hear the news and will miss seeing Harsh Reality on my Reader.

When I first started in November, I reached out to many bloggers that did not give me the time of day.  But Jason followed me and commented with advice and suggestions to do my job better.  He was there when no one else was.  He reblogged me to help grow my audience and singlehandedly catapulted me into a larger audience.

I will forever be appreciative and grateful to Opinionated Man for his help.

This is my tribute.  OM, you may be gone, but I will never forget.

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56 thoughts on “Tribute To Harsh Reality Blog and Opinionated Man

  1. I never interacted with him but I did follow his blog. It’s nice that you had him to help build your blog. It’s sad when people leave a community they’ve been a constructive part of. I hope he decides to return.

  2. I was wondering why he went silent all of a sudden. I hope his safety was not threatened. In this day and age, some people can get awfully nuts online and it can get out of hand. I do hope that Jason still lurks under an alibi and knows how much he is loved and missed.

      1. It isn’t ok that people are not willing to let others just have their own opinions and live and let live. It makes my blood boil. I don’t think Jason is the type to cave unless it is a threat to his family.

  3. A blogger with whom I feel close dropped off the face of WP without explanation not long ago. No one knows what occurred. We now know she lives (yes, we wondered about that, even), but that is all we know.

    It is hard losing someone we care for and respect, whether in the virtual or non-virtual world, and whether through death or other means. I’m sorry for your loss.

    I do want to comment on how you might have felt unsupported by others:

    I can’t follow one-one-hundredth of the bloggers I would like to. There is not enough time in my life to do so. It is why I no longer do reciprocal follows. Even as it stands, WP is sucking away my real-world life, and I’ve had to cut back, and I hear this from others. That is why I’m even more grateful every time someone takes the time to visit one of my posts, as you did today.

    Thank you.

    1. I am glad that you took time to leave such a thoughtful comment. I am sad to read that you lost a WP friend, but am happy to see you here making new friends!!!

  4. Thanks for write this post! He has been very kind with me he followed my blog at the beginning and comment kindly back to every comment I made on his blog. He was very generous and helped other new blogger to get discovered offering space on his posts like “Meet and Greet” is there that I found most of my great blogger friends! I agree with you and I am sure his presence is missed a lot it’s sad that because someone he had to shut down, that’s not right! I hope will come back…

  5. I enjoyed his blog very much too. (I found your site through his, I believe.) He seemed very passionate and honest about his work, and also willing to give others a helping hand. I too was sad to learn what happened. I hope he is OK, and that he’ll return someday.

  6. I wondered what happened to him. I was following him too. Though very briefly as I have only been on WordPress for a few months. I noticed I didn’t see any more posts a couple weeks ago. I searched for his post and it said that you had to have permission or something like that to see his posts as it was locked by WordPress. I know that he was constantly harassed. I appreciate the time he took to comment on a couple of blogs or respond to my comments. He was always good to allow people to self promote on his blog. He will be missed. I had him on Facebook too but he must have closed that down as well.

  7. Ok, that just bummed me out. I knew I hadn’t been seeing many posts from him, but never considered this was the reason. Jason was the first blog I followed when I started blogging. I hope he returns. He will be missed!

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