Interesting Facts About Disney World

I am a huge fan of Disney World, as most of you already know.  What else would you expect?!?!  Walt Disney was the King of Dreams and I am a Big Dreamer so it only makes sense!  Anywho, here are some interesting facts I found today about Disney World.  A few were astonishing!

image credit: Daniel Ray
image credit: Daniel Ray

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19 thoughts on “Interesting Facts About Disney World

  1. My Mother turned 18 in late October 1971 my Dad (her boyfriend at the time) took her there the 3rd week in October. My Dad was a student at ERAU (Emery Riddle Aeronautical University) poorer than mud but he paid the admission and they still have photos of that day. We live 1 hour 20 minutes (Traffic moving) from Disney due West of us. A lot of what I read as a Floridian I knew. I found it fun that you shared.

    1. Cheryl…thank you so much for stopping by and reading!! My wife and I love Disney and go there a couple times per year. Engaged there, honeymooned and first anniversary! lol

  2. My mom and my aunt were at the New York World’s Fair in 1965, and that’s where they saw It’s a Small World and Carousel of Progress for the first time. Those rides have always had special meaning in our family.

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