Monday Musings

1.  I had several folk ask me about my book plans.  I must say that I am not using my strict 6-step plan to write this book and the reasons are twofold: 1. I don’t think it is wise to put creativity on a strict writing plan, and 2. I want to enjoy the process.  I am definitely a fish out of water on this topic as I have never before written anything substantial, excluding this blog.

So I have decided to write 1,000 words per day for 60 days.  Then edit and see how many words that leaves remaining.  This is contrary to my nature, which is to organize and plan thoroughly to produce as much success as quickly as possible!  I like quick and I like success, but on this one I am going to take my time and do it as “right” as I can.  With that said my goal is to be done writing by October.

2.  I have had a lot of questions lately about my blog and what advice I would give to those trying to grow.  Blogging advice is not my expertise, nor do I want to sacrifice my subject by providing blog advice, but for this one time I will participate.  Here are my top 5 tips for blogging: 1. produce quality, original content that isn’t too lengthy.  Long posts=lost interest.  2. genuinely engage with other writers, readers are not going to come to you.  Do not LIKE 10 posts by a writer in 30 seconds.  We all see that in notifications and realize you are spamming.  You are not fooling anyone.   3. Be honest and genuine.  4.  Your growth will be in direct proportion to the time invested.  Small time=small followers, big time=big followers.  I work my blog 40+ hours per week, easy!   5.  Be patient and diligent.

3.    Completely off topic…I picked the Cavs to win last night and truly believe they will win the series, despite losing Irvin and Love.

4.  Last week I strayed from my eating plan on several occasions and it showed today.  My goal was to weigh 169 and I actually gained a pound.  This was not a shock and I will say the shrimp and grits that contributed was well worth it!!  But I must get back on track!

5. The 21-Day Fix update:  Evelina has been going through physical therapy for a partially torn muscle in her shoulder.  This has put a damper on our plans to start.  She is healing fine which means we should be able to start the program at the end of this week, give or take a couple days.  I am excited to see our results!!



15 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. 1K per day is a worthy goal … 500/day on a WIP was good enough for Hemingway, so that is the word count I strive for.
    BTW, welcome to the freedom of letting creativity lead. I still swear by outlines for writing technical manuals, etc., but learned that it doesn’t work very well for me with fiction. It is scary to write without an outline, but IMHO when the characters take over, the book is better than what I would have written on my own.

  2. Your insight into balancing quality with quantity is profound. I am reminded of something once told to me which is “where already there so what’s the rush, enjoy the ride.” Thank you for the reminder. 😊 quantity is chronos, quality is kairos, time. Enjoy your ride.

  3. I have a friend who cranks out 1000 words a day, but I’d be happy to just get 500. It’s also harder to write that many words when I’m writing picture book manuscripts. 🙂

    And I totally agree with you about shorter blog posts. I visit a lot of blogs and I go cross-eyed if I have to read too many things.

    1. Teresa…I read a lot of posts and there are a few that I just stop. 2000 word posts drive me crazy. All I can think is if I don’t want to read it when I am actively seeking you to read, then new readers will not stop by and give you more than a few seconds before they click away.

  4. All very good advise. I am amazed how much time I put into my blog and I just love it. I have also found the blogs that I love to read. The tip of keeping it short is so true, I find I just can get through many long posts even if they are really Interesting.

  5. Great post and I took to heart your comments on blogging. I just reached 200 WP followers today and I know a lot of it is thanks to your reblogs and meet n greets! So I trust the above advice completely! I also think 500 W/D is very reasonable!

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