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When I decided 6 months ago to begin living a healthy lifestyle I knew I would have to search high and low to find flavorful meals.  I promote eating lots of veggies, fresh fruits and lean meats as 80% of your intake.  I made the decision because I did not like what I saw in the mirror: stomach fat, love handles, fat face, etc.  Now, 23 pounds lighter I thank my past self for making that decision!

And if you don’t like veggies…learn to!!  You are a big boy or girl and veggies will save your life!  Make an adult decision and change.  Click the link for some great recipe ideas for all meals:

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image credit: getty images

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14 thoughts on “Great Healthy Recipe Ideas

    1. You are correct, but a healthy lifestyle is also about the nutrients and quality food you put in your body. Gotta give it the proper fuel it needs!

  1. You would have to bring up being a big girl LOL! I hate veggies and not many fruits either though more fruits than veggies. I need low carb for the Diabetes. Tend to eat more meat and eggs.

    1. Fruits and veggies are the natural way humans eat unfortunately. I think you have read enough of my posts to know my words come from a place of caring. If, as a society and individuals, we do not make huge changes in our eating we are going to start dying faster and faster. And I will work till my last breathe to try to open people’s eyes and ears to a healthy lifestyle. Veggies are our friends!! lol

      1. It just so happens I am actually eating fruit as I read this. I have cherries. Expensive, but I treated myself to them.

  2. Been following WeightWatchers for tracking what I eat. Since January, I’ve lost 25 pounds and 4 “. WW has made me more aware of what I eat, not restrict what I eat. Everything gets weighed on a scale before cooking so I know how to count what I eat.

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