What Is It Going To Take?

Is the manner in which you run your life providing you the life of your dreams?  I ask you these questions every week, but I wonder what it is going to take to make you realize you are allowing yourself to be miserable?  Are you fulfilled beyond imagination?  Overflowing with joy and contentment?

Those that have ears to hear and eyes to see; wake up from your state of denial!!!!

What is it going to take?  A heart attack?  A house foreclosure?

Stop lying to yourself about the food you eat!  Stop lying to yourself and wake up. Open your eyes before it kills you!!

Ask yourself this question: Why am I not taking control of my life?  Why do I continue to overeat or eat low quality foods that contribute to my failing health?

Why do I continue to waste money instead of paying off my debt?

image credit: nancyharnell.com
image credit: nancyharnell.com

Are you waiting for tragedy to force you to take control of your life?

What is it going to take?

One day your kids will be grown and they will live their lives by the example you set.  And their kids and their kids.  All because of YOU!


Stop pretending that everything is okay.  The way you eat is going to kill you.  Your debt is limiting you.  Your disorganization is ruining you.  Stop pretending.  Stop pretending and take action today!

There will come a day when you wished you had changed.  Do not wait till then, take control today!  Get organized, start a healthy lifestyle and start paying down your overwhelming debt!

What is it going to take?

Big Dreamer


9 thoughts on “What Is It Going To Take?

  1. already had the heart attack – and it work me up …. kinda sorta. I have changed my diet completely, what I eat and how much I eat and what time of day. Dropped about 30 pounds the past 2 years. I know – not a lot, but progress 🙂
    As for me allowing myself to be miserable … I’ll let that one pass. It’s an interesting concept, one I’ve heard before – maybe not those words but the same thought. I guess if it’s true mentally as well as physically, I will need to allow myself to believe it’s true before I can act on it.
    But I did enjoy the post!

  2. Hey, Danny, it takes a huge dose of reality that today is what I have plus the promise of eternal life. If I can’t find a way to be joyful here and now, why would I want to be so forever? Plus, having great kids and an adorable grandson helps 😀

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