Food Can Heal and Food Can Kill

Eventually something will give.  I often think about this when I see a car that is obviously being neglected.  Smoking out the tail pipe, bald tires and in need of a tune up.  Why does the owner continue to drive their car into the ground?  Do they realize that the short-term cost of maintenance far outweighs the devastation of long-term neglect?  Also, driving the car in a neglected state can put their life and families’ lives in danger.

Obviously they have never considered these dangers, because it makes no sense to be aware of the danger, yet continue to subject their families to the risk.  Right?

A lot of my thoughts lately have been geared toward health and the fact that food can heal and food can kill.  It makes no sense why people choose donuts over an apple if it means being able to watch your kids grow up versus having them attend a funeral to bury their mom or dad.  The right types of food can heal your body, but the wrong types of food will certainly destroy it: nachos, hotdogs, thick burgers, french fries, sodas, donuts, cakes, milkshakes…trust me when I say that eventually something is going to give.  And more than likely it will be your heart.

I hate to be such a “Debby Downer” but have you ever really stopped to think about what you are doing to your future?


If you change your habits, you can change your life!


26 thoughts on “Food Can Heal and Food Can Kill

  1. I wish more people would care, I hate to see so many people in such poor health, they don’t pay attention. Our bodies are amazing things and it is never to late to get fit, just have to want it.

      1. That is true, people can be educated but apathy…. really too bad. I live in Maine and I think 80% of the state is obese (I’m sure it’s not that high but it certainly feels like it when you look around) , very sad.

  2. Since I was a teenager I’ve exercised to maintain a healthy weight and practiced portion control in my eating. Only recently have I realized the importance of what I’m putting into my body. I began running about a year ago and it makes a difference how I fuel my body. It’s simple – when I eat healthy I run better. It is my responsibility to take care of myself – for myself and my family. Thanks for the post.

  3. I love that you give cars as a comparison. I am a car buff. I actually cringe when I see decrepit cats on the road since those are a death threat to everyone around them, not only the drivers themselves. Do what you will with your own body, that is your own choice, but for the love of Pete, maintain your car and stop endangering the lives of others! It is far worse than walking around with a loaded gun, in my opinion. Cars kill more people! Be mindful!

  4. Oh boy. I guess now is not the best time to mention I am going to a baseball game tonight and intend to eat a hotdog, ice cream and maybe some peanuts. Seriously though, you make a great point and I often wonder about the same thing. For me, I eat everything but in moderation and I keep my weight in a certain range. Many people I know are addicted to food. They honestly cannot help themselves and its excruciating to watch. Their world revolves around the next meal. Moderation, exercise and balance is my plan 😉

    1. I am a lot like you in the moderation area. I try not to do soda and fast food. Other than that, on occasion I eat lots of different stuff. Just not stuffing myself with junk all the time. And I love baseball game hotdogs!!

    1. I guess it is human nature. I am so glad I listened to my wife and started eating healthy 6 months ago. I weigh 169 pounds now, down from 192!! And I feel Great!!

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