4 thoughts on “Day 153: 30 Day Fitness Challenge

  1. Danny, So interesting you are doing a 30-day challenge. I am doing my second 30-day challenge. The first, in May, was for abs. This month it is for lower body–lots of different kinds of squats, lunges, split jumps and wide steps with a few ab exercises thrown in for good measure. It’s put on by Results Based Training from Melbourne, Australia. They post a daily workout on FB that intensifies over the course of 30 days. It’s been fun so far. They offer 3 levels of difficulty. At 61, I have been doing level 1, and I’m fine with that. Keep up the good work with your challenge!

    1. Well, I do what I can each day. My body gives out quickly so often my “workout” is the warm up for others. And then of course I focus heavily on my eating. Looking good for 61!! All that clean living!! And I want to say that I appreciate all of your support! It does not go unnoticed!!

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