Change Your Beliefs To Change Your World!

We have talked in previous posts about how to change your mind (thinking) in order to change your world; becoming more open-minded is the first trait that comes to my mind.  I have said many times before that the thoughts that produced an undesired result cannot and will not be the thoughts that change the situation.  Negative thoughts or poor life habits will not miraculously begin to produce positive results; therefore the habits much change!

This article provides a slightly different angle on this subject:


Big Dreamer


10 thoughts on “Change Your Beliefs To Change Your World!

  1. Thanks for that little reminder!
    It is true and I lived the experience. If I do start changing my view and ways on certain things than it will affect the environment around me. And trough my own actions I can provide an example that I will be replicated and it will develop growth on its own until it reflects back to me. And than I can feel the difference.

  2. Thanks for writing this post; I definitely needed this reminder. It is only now that I am realising how much of an impact beliefs have on the way that I live life, and that I can improve how I live life by changing my beliefs.

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