Man in the Mirror

When was the last time you sat and looked at yourself in the mirror.  I have not done this in a few years.  The last time I recall staring at myself in the mirror I was not very happy nor was I pleased with the person I was at that time.  I remember looking into the eyes of that man and wondering where I had disappeared to and who was this person living in my body.

It might sound a bit dramatic, but it is very honest.  Since then I have turned my life around and have found happiness once again.  Which is nice!

image credit: 123RF
image credit: 123RF

I want you to take time today to stop and look at yourself in the mirror.  Stand and stare for 60 seconds.  No words, no expressions, just stare into your own eyes.  Who do you see?  What are your thoughts?

I hope you like the person you see.  If not, you can change.  I did, but it took time, work, dedication and love.

Most of all, love.

Big Dreamer


44 thoughts on “Man in the Mirror

  1. when i look in mirror i feel good only when i am doing good to everyone. 1 bad thing and the whole feel changes .. so i think its necessary for me to look into mirror …

      1. It is a confidence booster if you like the person you see! And sometimes I see the reflection of a tired old man also, but that is okie dokie with me! lol

  2. Love mirror work, look daily at yourself and say I love you. In the beginning you will feel silly but after 30 days you will love you and smile! 🙂

    1. Few practice this, but everyone should. I know a lot of low confidence, low self-esteem individuals that would benefit from what you have said, but they will not commit to doing every day. Wish they would though!

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    Dream Big Dream Often has an important lesson here – one of the hardest things I’ve ever done was to look in the mirror and tell that person, beyond the physical body, I loved them. If you don’t love you, you don’t know how to love anyone else.

    1. Staring in the mirror for a full 60 seconds can be very revealing. Especially revealing is the colorful language, let’s try to keep it more PG rated. lol

      1. no offense at all. And I always appreciate the honesty!! lol I just have a very diverse group. But I am not offended whatsoever. AND I am thankful that you took time from your day to read my post!!

  4. Hi Dray,
    Thanks for the follow. I thought I’d drop in and visit you back. I’ve got to say I’m conflicted: my underlying theme is somewhere around “recovery” or living with a long term health condition. Having read your bio and about that seems to be a good fit and I love some of the quotes on your blog. I was put off by the donation widget because a) I’m British and we are really reserved about that kind of thing & b) because I’m pretty new to blogging and I don’t follow sites that want to sell stuff to me, I want to share with a like minded community. So the snail is on the fence 😀 TTS

    1. That is fine. I do a tremendous amount of charity work that I use my own funds to bank roll. For instance, I have MS and am starting an MS advocacy travel program, where I travel around the Carolinas and speak, encourage, support those living with this disease. It is an expensive endeavor. Therefore I rely heavily on my own funds and funds donated by readers, friends, family. So the donation is not for my pocket. But I understand that you are entitled to your view. Thanks for stopping by!!

      1. Hi Dray,

        Thanks for taking the time to reply and explain about your decision to add the donate button. Good to have the conversation thank you! Sounds like you’re doing really good stuff, traveling and raising awareness of MS and probably acting as an inspiration to others with MS (and maybe other long term health conditions). Will go find the follow button 😀 TTS

    2. And even I hesitated to add the donate button, but the mission is far more important than my pride. Oh, and in no way am I trying to “sell stuff” to any person. I am working hard to change lives and the support of my community is vital. Cheers!

  5. I spend a lot of time looking in the mirror because I love to play with make-up. I do love who I see, even though I tend to be hard on myself like many women do. As my looks fade, I do treasure the fact that I can look in the mirror every day. Some people are not so lucky. Great post!

  6. No I don’t like what I see, haven’t most of my adult life. Today the pastor thought my dad and I were the ones who had 60 year anniversary. Heck I am not quite 60 yet. That bothered me a bit. I just recently went back to my original gray hair. Started graying at 18. Full gray before 40. Just tired of coloring it and can’t really afford it.

    1. There is nothing wrong with gray hair. I was referring more to the person you see in the mirror when you spend time in introspection. Not necessarily what you look like, but the person inside the body; the “you” inside.

      1. But I can’t get past the outside me right now. I am basically who I always was, mixed up, suffering mentally. That is what is inside me, besides being a nice person, honest to a fault, caring of others, wouldn’t hurt a fly (well maybe a fly that wouldn’t leave me alone 🙂 ). I am gentle and kind and caring. I haven’t really changed on the inside.

      2. Well there you go. All great traits: nice, honest, caring, gentle and kind. That’s what I am referring to when I said look inside. Very nice!

  7. Mirrors are for young people. At my age, 56, I never stare at myself in the mirror. It only reminds me that I’m getting older. Young people are fascinated by their images. I can see that with all the Selfies and stopping to primp in front of every mirror they encounter. Once you get beyond 50 why stare at lines, gray hair and wrinkles? BTW, I color my hair because all my hair turned white at age 52 and I look terrible with gray hair. So far no lines or wrinkles but that’s because I’m dark-skinned but I avoid mirrors except to make sure my hair is presentable.

    1. The point of the post is to have you focus on inspecting the person you are inside, not to look at what you look like physically. It is intended to have each of us take inventory of the “true self” we see in our eyes when we stare. And there is nothing wrong with getting older. Age is a sign of maturity, strength and experience!!

  8. I don’t really like aging. For me it is a sign that I’m getting closer to death. Aging is harder on women as we are judged more harshly. Women without means, money or power are written off. As for who I am inside well the mirror like my personality has many faces. All of us are shaped by our life experiences. Sometimes I’m a nice person but to be honest if you push me too hard I can be mean as hell with no regrets. It’s like Facebook. We present the “Faces” we want to the public or our “Friends” but nobody knows what you truly think of yourself as we are products of our environment. I don’t think more highly of myself than I ought for there is always something or someone ready to cut you down to size. Sometimes I like myself other days I wish I were someone else.

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