Be the Example For Your Kids!

I began to live a healthy lifestyle back in December to demonstrate the 6-step plan I use to achieve any goal in life.  But more importantly I began to live a healthy lifestyle to set an example for my future children.  As Evelina and I look to start a family, I wanted to have this life habit firmly in place prior to our family beginning.

It is crucial for me living with MS to give my body the optimum chance to remain as healthy as possible.  Also, I didn’t want to be overweight and unable to spend lots of time playing with our kids.  And lastly, I do not want to pass on to my future family a habit of eating crap food and passing on my overweight issues to them!

With that said, you should live your life as an example to all people, but most importantly your children, if you have procreated.  Check out this article for some thoughts:

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      1. Absolutely. Now that my kids are in their 20’s all the poured out love and attention I can see is paying off. They love hanging out with me and they take me places constantly. We talk daily. It’s awesome!

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