Healthy Living Update – 6/15/15

Every week or so I like to give you guys an update on my healthy lifestyle so here goes.  For newer readers back in December I decided to use myself as the test subject to demonstrate how to take action and make changes in life habits, read here.

When I started my conversion from a junk food lifestyle to a clean, healthy lifestyle I weighed in at 192 pounds.  Today was my 2 week weigh in and I recorded 169.8!  That put a smile on my face.

I will say that anyone can do this as I am not able to participate in strenuous physical activity, but I do what I am capable of doing.

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I often say that if you are capable of more, then you should be doing more.  Which means if you can eat healthy then do so.  If you can exercise, then do so.  If you can cut spending and pay down debt, then do so.  Don’t let a guy with limited mobility shame you guys that are more capable physically.  Unless you have a doctor’s note you have no excuse that I find acceptable; other than apathy, neglect, ignorance or laziness.  Sorry, but truth is truth.

If you are capable of more you should be doing more.

Next, I have a lot of folk inboxing me and emailing me about my weight loss and asking how I have done it.  I want to emphasize that my success has come from one change in my mentality: I stopped focusing on my weight and started focusing on living a long-term healthy lifestyle.  Stop worrying about your weight.  If you start focusing on eating clean and consuming mostly fresh vegetables and fruit, the weight will come off naturally.  Focus on eating clean 80% of the time, while not breaking the health bank the other 20%!

But mostly you have to want it so bad that your desire gets you through the difficult times.

I hope everyone has a great day!

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8 thoughts on “Healthy Living Update – 6/15/15

  1. Good for you! I lost 57 pounds five years ago. I’ve kept most of it off, but it is a daily struggle. I do the 80/20 rule as well. Life is too short is deprive yourself of everything that you love to eat! It’s all about portion control.

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