How To Practice Kindness

Need help with practicing kindness?  Here’s a few suggestions:

image credit: dave and les Jacobs...getty images
image credit: dave and les Jacobs…getty images

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6 thoughts on “How To Practice Kindness

  1. I think that kindness is something that one has or hasn’t. It’s a natural characteristic. I looked at those tips and I know and have seen people that do them but behind what looks a kind behaviour are still selfish and self-centered.

    1. I guess you can look at it like that. But if a person learns to practice kindness eventually they will become more kind. Maybe not super kind, but at least more kind. Either way, the point of today’s exercise has been to point out that we need to open our eyes and focus on other’s some of the time. So often we have blinders on and do not pay attention to those around us in pain.

      1. That is fine, but let me redirect you to the point of today’s exercise. To focus inward, inside of yourself, to realize the importance of you being more kind toward others. And to recognize that there are people in pain, sick, homeless, in need, etc. and to challenge yourself to reach out and help. Let others do what they do, can’t control that.

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